Strudcom Consultants: Reliable Steel Structure Consultants

Jayant V. Inamdar,Managing Director

Jayant V. Inamdar

Managing Director

The Construction Industry today demands the usage of latest technologies not only for accuracy, but also for sustainability and cost-saving. As the cities are rapidly expanding, more space and vertical expansion is the solution. Buildings need sustainable structural designs backed by stringent and accurate steel detailing process. Be it residential buildings, commercial structures, plants, elevators, bridges, or monuments, Steel Designing and Detailing process is pivotal and an essential step while developing precise steel structures.

Steel fabrication demands structural steel detailing for creating designs, evaluating cost and producing the details. Steel engineers, architects, and fabricators present in market need steel detailing to measure features like complexities around the structure, value, the usage and load that the structure can bear.

Nikhil Inamdar, Director

Strudcom Consultants Private Limited has made its mark with years of experience in providing Steel Structure Designing and Detailing services. The company was established in 1982 at Pune by Jayant V. Inamdar with a vision to provide high accuracy in designing and detailing. Strudcom offers a complete range of precise structural steel detailing services, which includes estimates, schedules and plans. Their structural steel drawings include information about all steel structural elements such as columns, beams, joints, trusses, braces, etc.

They widely use computer software packages for detailed analysis and design like ETABS, STAAD pro, TEKLA etc. "Understanding the subject in detail helps us arrive at the right design solution from safety,
quality and economical point of view," says Nikhil J. Inamdar, Director. Under the super-vision of JayantInamdar (Managing Director), Nikhil J. Inamdar (Director), PratyushKhandekar (Director) and KiranMohite (Director), Strudcom is reaching new heights of success.

Preciseand Cost-Effective Design Strudcom has worked with architectural, construction and structural engineering companies to ease workload commitments and provide specialist technical skills that are not available in-house. All over these years, the company has successfully executed projects ranging from Residential Buildings, Townships, IT Parks, Factories, Institutes, Public Premises, Multiplexes, Shopping Malls, Bridges, Mobile Towers, Chimneys, ESR Balancing Tanks and Water Treatment Plants for major promoters, developers and corporates across India.

Pratyush Khandekar, Director

Reinforced Concrete Cement is the mainstay of any construction activity and the company provides a number of options with economical and safety consideration. They design structures below and above water considering relevant IS codes. Strudcom Consultants is known for designing challenging architectural designs, executing them in a cost- effective way and meeting stringent safety requirements. MMRDA office building, BKC Mumbai proved to be a feather on the cap project of Strudcom Consultants. It is a state of the art office building completed with a Composite Structural System which includes Reinforced Concrete Cement, Structural Steel and Deck Slabs. This building has won Strudcom many accolades because of its sophisticated structural design and framework.

Kiran Mohite, Director

Strudcom Consultants are also involved in Shuttering and Scaffolding of larger and innovative structures. They adopt new techniques for precise execution of the design, safeguarding manpower and material. Some of their projects which involve Shuttering are piers caps and piers for flyovers of Nagarjuna Construction for MSRDC and flyover of UshaEscot at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Strudcom Consultants also offers Structural Audit services for old buildings and structures by conducting technical survey of the property to assess its general health. They veify the design with respect to relevant IS Codes, prepare report presentations and recommend remedial measures if required. The company is known for undertaking third party proof checking in evaluation of design and execution for better assurance of the proposed design.