StridesIT: Meet the Next-Gen Pantheons of Infrastructure Management Solution Realm

In the fastest growing infrastructure management industry largely driven by the pervasive nature of the technology, which has been a breeding ground for heterogeneous service & solution providers, a two-year old firm has already emerged into a trusted ally amongst eminent names in the technology realm. So what really sets this new chip apart? "From the beginning, our focus has always vested on aiding the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure managed service rather than being a mere IT services company," explains Ramesh Murthy, Founder & CEO, StridesIT. According to him, the key enablers for fueling such sophistication are the torchbearers of the company, who holds 100+ years of combined experience that spans across a wide technical spectrum and subject matter expertise. This, in turn,drives company's quality solutions to be customer-centric, consistent, efficient and cost-effective, while also adhering to standards-based processes and a common governance framework.

The Gourmet Solution Enabler
As a honcho in the industry, StridesIT draws its legacy of excellence from its end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle management services that cover data-center, network, security,end-user, remote infrastructure management, onsite, collaboration and consulting services (data center implementation & migration, and process consulting through a mix of cutting-edge technology and
in-house processes). Its eye-catching cloud-enabled services bring the bliss of both Amazon and Azure technology to the customer's palate. "Through these platforms, we consult, design, implement, deliver, and manage services, and enable seamless cloud migrations. In fact, we bring in over 100 experienced consultants from the industry to help organizations migrate or adapt to change easily," adds Ramesh.

Bridging the Long-Established Skill Gap
One of the major challenges that businesses often combat is acquiring the best talents, topping that is the long-established gap between industry requirements and academia that makes the task trickier. As an organization that constantly aims for a continuous learning and development of an individual, StridesIT provides constructive staff/skill augmentation services, which strive to cater to those challenges. Strides Academy - the learning & development division of StridesIT - is one of such initiatives that endeavor to help individuals hone their technology, process competency & cognitive skills to effectively support the organization they work with. The company do talent management through its IMS Bridge Program that backs the academy with curriculum, which is constantly customized to a particular organization's needs. In addition, the company also offers contract-to-hire service, leveraging a win-win solution for other
Ramesh Murthy,Founder & CEO

Ramesh Murthy

Founder & CEO

organizations as well as the candidates.

Empowering the Excellence
StridesIT is best known as a learning partner who provides people an access to the legion of best practices, trainers, cutting-edge tools, advanced technologies and mentors from the industry. These perks are not only limited to its customers, but also includes its internal team of 78 elites.StridesIT has institutionalized a schedule of a technology and a soft skills' training per year. The open and non-hierarchical culture further catalyzes the whole aura, inducing free communication across the teams. "Our motto is to keep the culture simple and we hunt for people who bring-in value to our organization," asserts Ramesh. Further, with significant revenue in its braces, the self-funded entity is rearing up to set its footprint in Pune (India), Middle East & Australia, thereby initiating its journey of expansion.