STP: Helping a structure maintain its integrity since 1935

Rajesh Joshi,MDWaterproofing market in the urban sector is becoming more receptive to new age innovative technologies. Rural sector on the other hand, has changed its ways by looking towards waterproofing as an essential and unavoidable commodity. Though this is largely time driven, the biggest internal challenge in the waterproofing market is, first, unscientific standardization of systems instead of customizing it in line with the need in hand and second, creating a network of skilled executioners in order to deliver work that is more durable and dependable. With an origin in Kolkata, STP Limited, formerly known as Shalimar Tar Products (1935) Limited, ensures it addresses these issues and stays upbeat by developing technologies indigenously and through a planned format of knowledge sharing to ensure high precision output. STP is a Berger Group Company which has been a pioneer in manufacturing Bitumen, Coal Tar and Construction Chemical Products in India for over 85 years.

Since 1935, STP has been introducing technologies ahead of its time in waterproofing and pipeline coating applications. From the inception of construction activity, STP offers solutions, such as admixtures, curing compounds, pourable high strength grouts, preformed and liquid membranes for waterproofing, resinous floorings, protective coatings for concrete & metal and a wide variety of other construction chemicals in varied chemistries.
One of the most popular items in waterproofing, known as the APP membrane,was pioneered by STP in the Indian market. Over the years several innovative chemistries, like, a modified sealant for shop floor control joints, a brushable grade of polyurea, an instant PQC pot-hole repair elastomeric concrete, and much more has been developed by STP. The company’s products have been used in various prestigious projects, like, Atal Tunnel Project, Himachal; Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation project, Telangana Ambala Cantonment Rafale Maintenance Workshop, Punjab and Nivedita Setu Bridge, West Bengal, to name a few.

STP remains to be a space cadet in terms of creating tough, efficient but effective, economical, and strong products that can compete with the finest in the world

Every customer has a simple expectation, which is a trustworthy deal and prompt service at an affordable price. STP works with this constantly in mind towards creating a larger base of satisfied customers and long-term business associates. “We have 6 plants manufacturing numerous range of construction chemicals at strategic locations across India. With our legacy of 85 years, STP brand is specified in almost all government and private projects,” says Mr. Rajesh Joshi, MD at STP. More than eight decades of presence while pioneering some of the most innovative technologies ahead of its times has brought STP so far. The team is constantly endeavouring to improve its existing benchmarks.

According to Mr. Rajesh, there are several instances of STPians responding back with mettle and commitment to meet customer needs. Citing one such case, he said that during the nationwide lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, STP kept its factory in Gujarat operating to continue ceaseless supply to an ongoing infrastructure project in Western India. It was important to not lose pace with this land connectivity project in the best interest of the country and all agencies were geared up for that. STP factory employees kept themselves motivated with a purpose in mind in the most unprecedented life threatening situation of all times in fulfilling the need of the hour.

Today, the construction Chemicals market in India is growing due to heavy investment by the government into infrastructural projects. “STP – Berger is well poised to offer complete solutions of waterproofing to all leading projects as well as household customers across all Metros and the complete rural market of India,” concludes Mr. Rajesh. STP continues to be a day-dreamer in introducing rugged, efficient, effective, economical and robust products benchmarked against the world’s best.