Step Automations: Enhancing the Intelligence of Smart Products via Innovative Real-time Integration

Pankaj Pandey, Head-Automation Business

Pankaj Pandey

Head-Automation Business

Curb energy monitoring device, Ecobee 3 smart thermostat, Sonos wireless speaker system, Amazon Echo and this endless fleet of smart products jewelled with abundant benefits are clearly revolutionizing the home automation world and simplifying our lives. Besides life style amelioration, real-time integration of these smart products cut costs; for instance, integration of doorbell into stereo system lets the user to relish music, attend to the visitor upon doorbell interrupt activation and later switch back to music thereby eliminating costs and efforts of buying individual stereo and doorbell devices. By seamlessly discerning the lags & benefits of many state-of-the-art products in the home automation space, Bangalore-based Step Automations (Estd 2008) develops a common platform that deploys driver/code of third party vendors or creating a unique one for real-time integration.

The company’s prowess lies in creating an efficient logic that enhances the products’ intelligence and the versatility of its applications. “We provide Smart Square, our unique selling solution that not just focuses on rendering solutions but also creates awareness among clients by edifying them on their benefits & limitations via free demos at public places,
communities and clubs. We handhold clients in right decision making in tune with their expectations and aspirations,” states Pankaj Pandey, Business Head - Step Automations.

By seamlessly discerning the lags & benefits of many state-of-the-art products in the home automation space, Step Automations develops a common platform that deploys driver/code of third party vendors or creating a unique one for real-time integration

Ensuring smart living at homes, Step Automations has incorporated a swarm of solutions that include controlling home cinema, scenes setting & dimming, sensor networks, media streaming, ventilation & Heated towel rack, temperature control for bathrooms, Wi-Fi multiroom A/V, video-on-demand, AC, curtain, floor heating and lighting control, heat & smoke detection and CO, methane, isobutene detection & ventilation control for kitchens. As a smart home is complete only with smart outdoors, Step Automations also proffers doors/windows sensors, electronic locks, gates & garage doors, sprinkler systems, water level management and automatic watering for the outdoor environment. Furthermore, Step Automations plays a crucial role in intelligent automatic control of lighting, music, HVAC & security at offices, dynamic lighting control at showrooms, environment control & security at schools & colleges, and dedicated systems for hotel rooms, spas & clubs that adds a WOW factor.
Intelligent Personal Assistant
Step Automations integrates the aforementioned solutions with Alexa, Amazon's intelligent personal assistant that is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, news & real-time information and much more besides home automation. Also by deploying Alexa Skills Kit developed by RTI Corp US, the company ensures free & easy integration and enhancement of its existing skills.

While incorporating both wired & wireless protocols like KNX, IP, Proprietary, Zigbee, Z-wave & Wi-Fi by extracting their respective strengths and power meter calculator for energy savings, Step Automations ensures to offer customized packages to clients after complete research. “Though this makes sales cycle little long, it ascertains the satisfactory factor on both sides,” asserts Pankaj. By complementing each brand’s strengths with one another, its team of 25 has delivered technology and solutions to over 801+ projects that include total illumination control for Reva University, Bangalore Admin Block (Certified as Green building) Bangalore by procuring energy savings up to 30 percent.

No wonder it owns a prestigious client base including Divya Sree group, KBR infratech Ltd,State Bank of India, Laxmi Vilas Bank, Technocon Builders, IIHS, VTPC, Hospitality Projects, Chairman & CEO of many prestigious corporate , HNI,NRI and a lot more. Being certified by ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 9001:2015, trained by CEDIA, iRidium & THRONE 3D Control Platform, RTI and bestowed the first prize at MYBUILD 11, Mysore in 2012, Step Automations is currently growing its revenue at 15 percent YOY and envisages to achieve higher growth in future.