Stellar Solar Solutions: Offering a Smarter Alternative with Solar-powered Solutions

Sarth Manrao,Co-Founder

Sarth Manrao


The shift towards adopting solar-powered solutions in India has intensified in the last few years. People are looking for alternatives to high-power-consuming technologies to feed their electricity needs. Renewable energy is what people are rapidly looking at utilizing for both domestic and commercial needs. Having said that, it is also crucial to realize that the solar energy solution market hasn't yet grown enough to increase awareness amongst the people and meet the current demands in the market. With the aim to enhance cognizance amongst the masses and meet the current demands in the solar-powered solution market, Stellar Solar Solutions is offering cutting-edge solutions to its clients.

`The government regulations, strategies, and plans such as Kusum Yojna is offering opportunities to the farmers to install solar plants at their farms to save electricity consumption and costs, thus having an extra income generated. Similarly, the other commercial setups can save huge sums and contribute to a better tomorrow by adopting solar-powered solutions. We are working towards assisting them to do the same,' says Sarth Manrao, Co-Founder, Stellar Solar Solution.

Offering Advanced Solar-Powered Solutions
Stellar Solar Solutions installs and operates distributed solar power systems to industries, commercial, utility, and residential setups. It offers highly reliable, efficient, easily installed, and eco-friendly solutions using state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic technology. Its solutions are equipped with high tensile
strength and are corrosion resistant.

What makes Stellar Solar Solutions stand ahead among its competitors is the fact that they offer end-to-end solar solutions under one roof. It offers various products that include solar inverters, solar water heaters, street lights, and much more. Among all the products, the solar rooftop plans that Stellar Solar Solutions offers is their flagship product.

It is a customizable solution for every roof irrespective of it being domestic, commercial or industrial. The solar rooftop plants include solar structures, inverters, and solar panels that are guaranteed to be of top quality by the company. The solar solution provider, with its advanced expertise in the arena, makes sure to offer its solar rooftop plates as per diverse requirements of clients and meet their needs with efficacy.

As of now, the company is importing products directly from various countries such as China, Singapore, and the USA. Quality, commitment, and service are the three pillars of Stellar Solar Solutions. Along with having a healthy company-wide work culture and ethics, the company works towards maintaining healthy relationships with its clients on all grounds. It works as their partner to reach business-specific goals faster and with ease.

'We are the first generation entrepreneurs of our family. Our team of dedicated professionals along with our clients has helped us grow rapidly and offer top-notch services from time to time. They are the reason that we have developed an unmatched view and understanding of the sector and the expertise to offer future-ready solutions to clients. We owe our success to them,' says Sarth Manrao, Co-Founder, Stellar Solar Solution.

The Road Ahead
Stellar Solutions was founded in 2015 and thus there was no looking back. The company has served several customers across industries and has gained a prominent name for itself in the arena. The leadership in the company is passionate about the solar energy sec-tor and with their efforts are continuously attempting to incur multi-fold growth. Currently, Stellar Solar Solutions is working with the aim to enhance awareness about the potential of using solar energy in both domestic and commercial markets.

The company has already built its prominent presence in states such as Punjab and is endeavoring to expand further in other Indian states including Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and more. Stellar Solar Solutions is also working on developing an indigenous product in the field of renewable energy to help its clients utilize it and reap maximum benefits. 'Lithium is the future of the solar energy sector and it will play the key role in driving the industry into innovation and new discoveries. We are developing our new product utilizing the power of this wonder element,' concludes Sarth Manrao, Co-Founder, Stellar Solar Solution.