StartupHuts: Redefining Employee Experience with Affordable & Quality Co-Working Spaces

Pankaj Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO,Chandrakant Singh, Co-Founder & COO

Pankaj Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO

According to market participants, space-takers in the co-working segment today range from startups to big corporations. However, startups and small corporations form a major part. The rise in interest comes on the back of perks such as cost-effectiveness, flexible leasing terms, and hassle-free operations, among others. On an average, a company saves 15-20 percent of its revenue annually while working-out of a co-working space compared to the cost incurred in traditional office area. As such, the surge in co-working spaces in India has been capped by front-running quality-driven affordable companies like StartupHuts – a Bangalore headquartered company conceived and founded by IIM and IIT alumni - Pankaj Kumar (CEO) and Chandrakant Singh (COO), respectively. The great ecosystem and a cohesive community add to the already existing perks of this co-working space like being comfortable, affordable, resourceful, and all the while incubating and accommodating each other. StartupHuts is practically a one-stop-shop for all the startup needs.

Harbouring a Perfect Co-Working Space
Earlier, co-working spaces made
heads turn because of being just four walls that allow people from different companies to come together and work. But today, every city boasts of several co-working spaces all in line with the cool start-up culture. While this growing number of co-working spaces is changing the narrative of workplace, StartupHuts is transforming the concept from just being a cool centre to work out to become a holistic 360-degree facilitator& incubator for start-ups. While recognizing these, StartupHuts’ co-working spaces too are moving beyond fancy interiors to offer partnerships with top companies, discounts, privileges, and more. “Our services range from providing Dedicated Cabin Space & IT Services to HR & Accounting Services and even Mentoring,” asserts Pankaj.

"StartupHuts is transforming the concept from just being a cool centre to work out to become a holistic 360-degree facilitator & incubator for startups"

StartupHuts provides a perfect environment to work in collaboration and is tailor-made for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and others with any such need. It functions as the largest provider of incubation and co-working services, spread across five locations spanning across a total of 50,000 sq.ft. incubation space, working with almost 1250+ members. It delivers Plug and Play office spaces, thereby encompassing nearly all the facilities a member might need.

An Endeavour to Change Employee Experience
While these spaces are often associated with affordability, in reality, flexible working is effective at every level of a business, from
individuals to multinational corporates. Often, traditional office spaces can be quite limited by nature. Opportunities to interact are less restricted in a co-working office space that translates as a boon for the employees and the company as a whole. Apart from providing professional support, it aids in providing emotional support to the occupants as well.

Chandrakant Singh, Co-Founder & COO

Talking about the service provided at a high-quality co-working space, prompt, efficient, and intuitive response becomes its characteristic. These are the exact reasons that were envisioned by Chandrakant & Pankaj. The duo had a successful entrepreneur journey. While Pankaj was founder director of an IT startup, which ran for five years (2002-07) before he exited and is running another health tech startup eManage Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chandrakant is the co-founder of Chaitanya Gurukul Trust (CGT), which provides quality education in affordable cost to children. The work of CGT has been appreciated globally and reported in global media and World Bank. This school was mentioned in Limca Book of Record in the year 2012 and has been featured by Times Now as Amazing Indians (Educators) in 2012.