Spring House: A Highly Proactive Launchpad for your Venture

Mukul Pasricha,  Founder  ,Vedant Gupta, Co-Founder

Mukul Pasricha, Founder

Vedant Gupta, Co-Founder

Co-working spaces are slowly gaining popularity, compared to the conventional office space that usually spells long term and heavy investments. Today's young generation of entrepreneurs may not be adept for such drastic financial commitments and thus prefer the ‘Plug & Play' environment of the co-working spaces. How ever, since the inception of this flexible culture in 2006, the potential users have come a long way from relying solely on infrastructural assistance from such office spaces. A collaborative environment, sprinkled with networking events that can help their enterprise garner growth is one of the few demands that clients have from their co-working spaces.

Treading on these lines, Gurgaon based Spring House offers more than just the office collaterals. It is a chain of collaborative work and living spaces that provides a nurturing environment and a range of comprehensive services for enterprises to flourish. "A thinking mind needs insights and that is why we aim to build a community of entrepreneurs, people who are
willing to give up whatever they have for an idea they believe in, "states Mukul Pasricha, Founder, Spring House.

Spring House's prime focus lies on accessibility where its eight branches strategically located in commercial areas across Delhi and Gurgaon ensure proximity to easy transportation

Embracing the New Culture

Established in 2014, Spring House is one of a kind space provider that proffers mentorship to the co-members in order to help them in their business operations and connect teams with relevant people (thanks to the impressive investor and mentor network) that also portrays it as an incubation centre and pitching ground that encourages the startup's growth. "We are happy to connect the teams with relevant people who can guide them through the business development, financial prospects and business planning & execution for smooth functioning of their businesses," adds Mukul. Spring House, with its expansive base, lays special emphasis on regular event hosting that acts as a community builder where people get insight, guidance and prospective collaborative opportunities. "Such opportunities are beneficial for audience as well as Spring House because we all get in touch with prospective
problem solver some how, which is the key motive of a co-working space," adds Mukul.

In addition to facilities like 100 percent power back up, parking facility, meeting rooms, Spring House's prime focus lies on accessibility where its eight branches strategically located in commercial areas across Delhi and Gurgaon ensure proximity to easy transportation. One of its spaces is a Coliving Space in Gurgaon, which caters to the needs of visiting entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business and allows them to focus on their core operation rather than accommodation by offering well equipped rooms adjacent to the office. Working on a seat-based revenue model, the company charges monthly membership any where between Rs.3500 to Rs.9000, depending on the plan and location, apart from meeting & conference rooms, and tea & coffee that comes as complementary.

In its three year of operations, Spring House has hosted over 200 start ups including Yumist, Wudstay, Fresh Menu and Autumn World wide to name a few. Such affluent clientele can be accredited to its 16 member team that invests time in interacting with the co-members and understanding their requirements. Currently a 300 seater space at all its branches, Spring House experienced a 25 percent increase in revenue from previous quarter and plans on taking it a notch up by adding 350 seats in the next six months. A self funded start up, Spring House is evaluating more spaces to expand its consumer base and grow organically.