Spintly: Revolutionizing Access Control Systems Using Wireless Technology

Rohin Parkar, Co-Founder & CEO

Rohin Parkar

Co-Founder & CEO

The post-pandemic era has increased the adoption of advanced contactless access control technologies in workspaces. Since these technologies are integrated with smartphones they not only offer a more convenient user experience but also more efficient workspace security through monitoring, detection, and reporting, and control the access of unauthorized entry without any hygienic risk. One of the key players in this space is Spintly, a software development company from Goa, India.

Founded in 2018, Spintly is an IoT platform that focuses on building automation. The company's first product is a BLE mesh-enabled platform that facilitates access control through smartphones, i.e. digitized indoor and outdoor management of access points like doors, gates, boardrooms, or any area that requires authentication to enter. This product serves office spaces, schools and universities, manufacturing units, and even residential communities.

USP of the Company
“Our goal is to bring fundamental change in access control. Therefore, we introduce the world's first fully wireless access control system", says Rohin Parkar, Co-founder and CEO of Spintly. To explain further, the traditional access control system uses wires to connect to a controller which is then connected to a server that is installed in a building. This results in the use of a lot of wires and cables as well as bulky hardware.

These installations are not only expensive but are always at risk of damage and occupy huge spaces. Here, the founders of Spintly found scope in digitizing the access system and enabling mobile-based access, which is both convenient and safe. Thus, items like keys and access cards were digitized and a wireless mesh network was presented. The company leverages three core technologies to provide its solutions cloud technologies (for software), wireless technology (for mesh network), and mobile technology (uses Bluetooth, NFC, and UWB). By doing so, kilometers of cabling, wiring cost, and labor costs are eliminated.

Our goal is to bring fundamental change in access control. Therefore, we introduce the world's first fully wireless access control system

Spintly allows every user or visitor of a building, for instance, a co-working space, to access the entire property through smartphones. Visitors receive QR codes, either through emails or text messages, with a single day validity or time-based access according to the duration of the visit. Smartworks, WEWORK, Godrej, and Manipal Hospitals are some of the major customers of the company. The firm acquires its customers through digital marketing and through channel partners who perform the installation of its solutions. Besides, a support line is live 24/7 to ensure a quality user experience.

Interestingly, Rohin Parkar and his partner Malcolm Dsouza, Co-founder and CTO of Spintly incepted Spintly with a vision to build a technology-based global venture with its roots in India. When their collective experience coupled with the latest technologies began to effectively address the demands of various businesses in India, the firm gradually matured to achieve this vision. Even though 2020 was a setback due to the pandemic-induced restrictions, the company sailed through those challenges triumphantly. Notably, the concept of touchless access through smartphones accelerated the application of this technology after the restrictions were lifted. As a result, Spintly witnessed five times growth in terms of revenue and increased its customer base by including major players in the market. Moreover, they launched a branch in the US in 2022 and is currently expanding its presence in the Middle East.

With over 87 members across all their branches, Spintly plans to reach its metric target of 10,000 doors by the end of this year and 50,000 doors by the next two years. Not only that, the company plans to increase its revenue by four times every year in the coming four to five years.