Spextrum: Highly Motivated Performance Driven Organization that Delivers an Array of IT Products

Srihari D,Founder

Srihari D


With most companies depending on electronic products, there is an increase in the number of companies renting electronics instead of buying it. Cashing on the rising demand, Spextrum is one of the top rental companies which delivers products ranging from single items like a desktop computer to large solutions which delivers an array of products. We hold to our commitments to make your project, business event or conference a success. Spextrum consists of a broad spectrum of services such as solutions for customer and technical support,application and infrastructure management, testing and quality assurance, the firm aims to be synonymous with excellence in offshore service delivery, continuously innovating and sharing best practices across the enterprise.

Spextrum does plug and play infrastructure for midsize companies and startups, starting with 10 seater dedicated office space to 300 seaters office space is included to provide for MNCs and startups. The firm consists of four towers in Coimbatore and computer renting division, which delivers computers, laptops, servers, and all other IT products like printers,

plotters, scanners, LED ball, TVs, cell phones, mobile phones,iPads, tablets, and various other gadgets to MNCs and individuals. Spextrum currently has around 3000 clients that are already existing and periodic both included in entire South India, with branches in Chennai, Trichy and upcoming branches in Salem and Madurai

Spextrum has a good HR relations team whose role is to make sure there is no problem between the client and the company

"We are the number one vendor with the most experience in South India and are almost completing two decades in providing excellent services and we have the greatest number of products for rentals, the greatest number of clients and the rate of client satisfaction is highest with us" says Srihari D, Founder.

Spextrum has a good HR relations team whose role is to make sure there is no problem between the client and the company. Whenever there is a problem that the customer is facing then the HR team will try to solve the issues in favor of both the parties in such a way where the mutual agreement continues for a longer time. The team makes sure there are no order issues regarding the other companies and mostly takes care of all the b2b operations.

There was a dip in the market in the initial phase of COVID, what is to be predicted is that things will go on as usual. Mostly by the start of 2022, the business might boom and will be even much higher as there will be new products in the market, the seventh Gen, and soon the 12th gen these increase the demand for the rentals as companies prefer the latest machines. Further, the founder of spectrum Srihari Devarajulu concludes by explaining the short term and long term plans of the company, Spextrum has planned for a couple of more branches and the Salem project is ready for upgradation. The long-term project is to move the industry towards central India and they are planning to expand up to a minimum of 10 states which is scaled up for the next five years. Spextrum also aspired to expand its business by providing services of phone rentals and LED ball rentals in future.