Spectra Technologies: Leading Independent Manufacturer and Integrator of Advanced Desktop Computing Solutions

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing service where with a per-user subscription license, a service provider offers virtual desktops over the Internet to end-users. With the growing popularity of technology, Desktop as a Service is increasingly becoming the new standard for the delivery of desktop interfaces to customers.

The DaaS market is set to rise to US$ 2.99 billion in 2021, according to IDC. These growth rates are likely to be driven higher by the rapid onset of the Coronavirus pandemic as DaaS becomes important to enable employees to work from home. Spectra Technologies is ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Founded in 2006, Spectra Technologies India Private Limited is the creation of Harbir Ghai, a leading independent manufacturer and integrator of advanced thin consumer and desktop computing solutions, offering the widest range of virtual desktops in the industry; revolutionary applications and solutions; allowing low ownership costs to support their customers.

Harbir Ghai, Founder and Director, Spectra Technologies says, "Although the work from home culture is now adopted by the companies due to the pandemic situation, even before that we had worked on few applications from which the browser can run any kind of legacy windows application.

Using our services, any programme running on the browser as access to remote field workers can also aggregate the information from the data centre or customer site using our services, which does not leave the premise and the data will still be available for functionality. It will be completely secured and easily accessible."

Spectra Technologies runs a data center named as SpectraCloud, where they offer applications and desktop as service. Many customers even run various forms of CRM
apps and their browsers from their datacenter. Spectra Technologies also owns an application called AppAnywhere (, using this application their customers use their respective servers within their premises and make their legacy applications run on the browser. Besides this, a backup service known as is also offered by Spectra Technologies. These applications provided by Spectra Technologies implement the principle of device virtualization or desktop virtualization.

Harbir Ghai,Founder & Director

The major challenges that the clients of Spectra Technologies come up with are the synchronization of data, multi-location access, and remote usage of the applications. The company understands the requirements and the difficulties the clients are facing and will provide the services accordingly. Harbir adds, "We have been providing various solutions according to the clients' needs, for instance, InterGlobe is a company who are using our application to run their operations, Bata is using AppAnywhere for multi-location access, Relaxo Footwear is using application for their billing process. So are the companies like Tops, Safex Chemicals and many more. These are some of the prominent companies that implement our applications in their daily functions."

Spectra Technologies is a leading independent manufacturer and integrator of advanced thin consumer and desktop computing solutions

Spectra Technologies are looking forward into the improvisation of the segments like service provider and cloud computing models. As they offer multi-locational services, the data will be scattered, henceforth Spectra Technologies is planning to offer backup services which will be a big-time task and will lead the moment because providing solid back up services for dispersed information need a lot of practice and endpoints.