SolwearthEcotech: Most Reliable and Cost-Effective Food Waste Management System in India

Haroon S, Founder & Chairman,Arvind P S, Founder & CEO

Haroon S, Founder & Chairman

Arvind P S, Founder & CEO

"Converting food waste into soil in less than 24 hours ", does that sound unrealistic? That is precisely what a company from India have done.

Globally, food waste contributes to about 11 percent of all the greenhouse gas emissions and one of the biggest contributors of climate change. The growing urban population in the country is increasing the level of waste generated. This has led to some adverse effects on the environment, and due to which various companies are coming up with the products and services with a sole purpose of keeping their society clean.

Established in 2014, Haroon S and Arvind P S set up SolwearthEcotech, a company that focuses on social commitment towards nature and the society. They also wanted to contribute towards the sustainable development of the waste management industry. SolwearthEcotech is the only company in India that offers compact waste management products that are completely designed and manufactured by the company's team of engineers in the country. Also, SolwearthEcotech is one of the largest organic waste converter manufacturers in India. Haroon S, Founder and Chairman, SolwearthEcotech Private Limited, speaks
about the inception story, "I and Arvind are childhood friends, we have attended the same school and have studied in the same class. Years after our studies, we came back together with a thought of creating something as a contribution to society, and waste management was the booming industry at that time. Initially, we brought in different technologies from various other countries to India, but we realized that nothing was apt. Later, we formed a team of engineers in India, gave them the challenge of developing something according to the requirements of the market , It took us one and half years to come out with a prototype using the right technology and which takes care of the various requirements of the market. We thoroughly tested our products under various climatic conditions and with different types of food/garden wastes. It took us a long three years to ready our products and launch them in the market."

With the mission to make its products most reliable and cost-effective food waste management system, in India, Solwearth's innovative technology, expertise, and dedicated support led development of various products for different industries, 5 star hotels, apartment complexes, educational institutions, restaurants, shopping malls, and even small houses. Products developed fall under various kinds and sizes, and the company offers about 6 models of machine capable for 50 kgs to 1000 kgs' process per day. Arvind P S, Founder and CEO, said, "Our entire six waste management models convert waste into a productive item within 24 hours without adding any additives or chemicals. Only power is required. This is the first time in India that a waste management machine has been proven to be working at peak efficiency inside an air-conditioned room, as our machines are completely steel finished products. We produce stainless steel product."

Waste converter machines by SolwearthEcotech are implemented among Indian consumers including prestigious top corporates like Taj Group, Indiabulls Real Estate, Lulu Mall, Prestige Group, Godrej Properties, TVS, JW Marriott, Kokilaben DhirubhaiAmbani Institute and many more. With presence in 23 cities/towns in India, and 6 foreign lands, Solwearth plans for increasing presence in every Indian state, and 30 countries through sales and service network by 2021.

Solwearth is planning to expand its product portfolio to include waste management of higher capacities and its R&D team is working on creating a full-blown solution of entire waste management (including non-food waste management) for cities and towns.