Sohom Fenstertech: Fabricating Indian uPVC Industry

Amrit S Patel, Director,Himanshu Patel, DirectorThe uPVC Doors and Windows business, an artificially conceived and designed industry by Germans more than seven decades ago, has slowly entered the Indian fenestration market and is now the most preferred cost-effective and secure solution. Headquartered at Hyderabad, Sohom Fenster-tech, since 2008, is one of the oldest fabricators of uPVC windows and doors in India. Sohom, in technical collaboration with Deceuninck (Belgium), has avast range of raw material, uPVC profiles, GI reinforcement, and hardware designs to suit almost all geophysical conditions throughout the world.

Innovative Fenestration Solutions
Sohom's most highly valued product is the Bi-Fold Door System which incorporates the Zendow Profile Series, which offers superior insulation. The Bi-Fold Door, also referred to as Sliding-Folding Door, is a unique type of door system which allows the folding of all the shutters of the door to any of the sides to create 100 percent full unobstructed view. This door system works perfectly with balconies, penthouses, or roof gardens.
Another top-notch product is the Lift and Slide Door system, which offers the highest levels of insulation with the help of its wider chambers. One of the major features of this system is that up to 6 meters of width can be achieved in this system which makes it ideal for large openings.

Sohom offers a wide range of products ranging from simple sliding windows to more customized and premium bi-folds, and lift and slides; auxiliary products such as roll down mesh, pleated mesh, etc; solutions for wide and large openings such as partitions, balcony or penthouse openings, or any large doors. The company specializes in identifying the client's interests and needs and offers the best solution. Sohom specializes in a wide range of glazing options too. Sohom's doors and windows can incorporate glasses of up to 45mm of thickness and can easily support double and triple glass units. Also, different types of glasses can be offered such as tinted, toughened, laminated, frosted, performance glass, and others.

Sohom Fenstertech, one of the oldest fabricators of uPVC windows and doors in India, is offering world-class products and solutions for its client

Growth and Expansion
Since its inception in 2010, Sohom has focused mainly on research and development of the technology as per the industry requirement. This has helped Sohom to offer economical and high-quality products catering to India with diverse needs resulting from diverse climate and geography. In 2012 Sohom developed its first fabrication facility and began full fledge operations. Sohom has a geographical presence in Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad; moreover, the company has made dealers in Goa, Coimbatore, Madurai, and Nizamabad. In 2019, Sohom developed its second fabrication facility which is almost thrice the size of its first.

Sohom is committed to offering world-class doors and windows for its clients. Also, Sohom is developing a vocational training center to provide training in different skills sets to not only its employees but also to another company's workforce.