Softgrid Computers: Delivering Functional & Interactive Web Applications

Mohammad Fanee, CTO,Ajay Golani, CEO

Mohammad Fanee, CTO

With internet proliferation growing exponentially across India, it has become pertinent for companies and brands to build a strong online presence in order to stay connected to consumers. Additionally, fuelled by increased mobile usage and the consequent rise of various digital industries, every other business is today looking to build a mobile responsive website. Helping companies build a flourishing online presence through visually attractive and interactive websites or applications is Indore-based Softgrid Computers. “Our objective is to build websites and applications that possess a robust backend, clean UI, are SEO enabled and can accomplish a client’s vision and core competency without compromising on resources,” says Ajay Golani, CEO, Softgrid Computers.

Adept at working with clients hailing from a myriad of industries such as e-Commerce, eLearning, content and document management software, job board and banking, Softgrid has successfully delivered over 6000 projects. The firm’s talented team of experts delivers every solution with an understanding of why startups and complex organizations need to boost their online growth. Growing at a pace of 30 percent YoY, Softgrid’s efficient and cost-effective
solutions ensure exceptional client experience.

Ensuring High Functionality
Today’s consumer is presented with a plethora of options thus capturing his/her attention through applications with high functionality has become indispensable. Leveraging its deep industry know-how, Softgrid has developed an extensive range of custom web solutions. The firm focuses on building apps, which can increase a company’s serviceability while improving customer satisfaction. “To help organizations connect with their customers, we develop highly functional solution stack which serves as a platform to scale up their businesses,” adds Ajay.

"Softgrid focuses on building apps, which can increase a company’s service ability while improving customer satisfaction"

Known for developing websites that are flexible, robust, and compatible across multiple devices, the talented Softgrid team also ensures that the applications are high on integration, have common functionalities on various platforms and are quick to load. The tech expert specializes in a broad range of technologies, including Angular, as well as React to produce user interfaces that are reusable particularly for single page apps.

Structured Development Process
The very essence of Softgrid’s competency is customized development. Willing to adapt, adjust, and modify the product to suit client’s requirements, the firm ensures a seamless process at every step of the way. Working towards connecting the basic principles of successful designing alongside growth and innovation,
Softgrid believes in agile development that provides scalability to any new software application.

Armed with a structured process, the Softgrid team’s first step is to understand the requirements of its customers. Conducting an in-depth need analysis, the firm ensures that every project receives the right design. Post this, the team of well-equipped developers is quick to jump into action, creating solutions that can purvey specific problems using industry-leading tools. In order to ensure the highest quality products, Softgrid rigorously tests the products and projects using various testing procedures. Additionally, writing test cases and unit testing are an integral part of the process.

Ajay Golani, CEO

Betting on AI & BI
Since its inception in 2010, Softgrid has always adapted to developing tech trends and going forward, the firm is betting big on the potential in AI and BI to strengthen decision making for online businesses. “We are now seeing new products out there embedded with VA or virtual assistants and customer queries being answered by chatbots,” explains Ajay. Aptly equipped with a strong service roster, Softgrid is poised for greater success in the years to come.