SNP Group: Empowering Mid-Sized Organizations with Technical Expertise

Sunil Khawas, CEO & CTO,Pallavi Khawas, Head - Career Division

Sunil Khawas, CEO & CTO
Pallavi Khawas, Head - Career

As per a MarktesandMarkets report, the global product engineering service is predicted to achieve a valuation of $1003 billion by 2021 with APAC region, especially the Indian subcontinent, being a major contributor, thanks to its growing workforce. Ironically, this phenomenal growth reaches a limited clientele of large industrial members, leaving the SMEs out of the equation. This lopsided growth is a dilemma, and resolving it is, SNP Group, a go-to product engineering partner for several SMEs, which is supporting organizations through their product development cycle, right from inception to compliance to conducive outputs. With the help of its expertise in IT and ITeS, it adds value to the clients’ software team by enhancing the quality of the product, reducing market reach and amplifying customer experience.

SNP Group uplifts the customers’ existing user experience through its product modernization, as it adopts an omni channel approach for business function and helps them migrate their software
solutions to more developed platform for a better market integration and growth. “We become a part of your development team and take-on the technical reins so that you can execute your business operations efficiently,” states Suni Khawas, CEO & CTO, SNP Group. Interestingly, the company helped one of its clients, Sanvi Business Solutions modernize their product and integrate it with the newly developed payment gateway. Testing and overall product management are included in the product development life cycle to further enhance the client’s technical infrastructure and make it robust. Pallavi Khawas, Head - Career Division, SNP Group, further adds, “Product development is often considered as an expensive service. Based in Nagpur, we operate from a tier-2 city which helps us deploy low-cost amenities and thus, alleviate the cost concern for our customers”.

"SNP Group helps organizations with its ready-to-deploy solutions to effectively manage & execute their operations"

Security & Simplicity of Technology
In a market where SMEs are yet to attract attention in terms of a technical standpoint, SNP Group helps such organizations with its ready-to-deploy solutions to effectively manage & execute their operations. Customers can pre-assess the solutions at hand and request for demo version. If it appeases to their requirements, they make a purchase via a secured payment gateway and download the solutions directly
from portal. The onsite and offsite deployment is further supported by the company’s staff augmentation services. SNP is in process of developing thousands of web crawlers for AIT Inc, U.S. to automate their data gathering to support their clients.

The company also reinforces their clients’ products with website & app development services, compiled with latest features & technologies, secured by Google Cloud Services, McAfee Antivirus & Firewall and manages services for application support & maintenance, remote infrastructure management, cloud services and customer experience. The employees’ technical expertise is fine-tuned by the company’s Career division named Career Hub (an AICPE Authorized Training Center with which PECB signs a partnership agreement), where they offer career guidance and professional training to individuals & corporate on Information Technology, Soft-Skill and ISO Certification.

Enhancing Technical Abilities
Thanks to its technical expertise, experience and teamwork, the company is undergoing a 20 percent growth YOY. However, this is not all, as the company is now planning on expanding its ready-to-deploy portfolio to address almost all small-scale industries. “We are planning on building websites & mobile application templates to address a variety of businesses and develop skill set in niche areas to enhance staff augmentation deployment,” concludes the duo.