SNEED: Platform Offering Assorted Co-Working Options to Diverse Users

Ankit Sonthalia, Co-Founders ,Amit Prabhu, Co-Founders

Ankit Sonthalia, Co-Founders

Amit Prabhu, Co-Founders

Budding entrepreneurs are on a lookout for economical amenities that will help them establish their enterprise optimally. With co-working space industry emerging as highly economical option, founders, freelancers and even corporate giants are availing the flexibility to leverage this 'Plug & Play' working environment to expand their presence through satellite offices. On the flip side, with rising number of such spaces, users are finding it difficult to zero in on the perfect match and filter out the good spaces. Acting as an unbiased validator is SNEED, a platform that is helping users find approved co-working spaces and assisting space providers to reach out to a wider audience.

Humble Beginnings

Had a humble beginning in 2015 with 20 workspaces & 120 seats in Bangalore, SNEED is a result of an intrinsic six month research by the co-founders Ankit Sonthalia & Amit Prabhu. Today it has partnered with varied spectrum of users ranging
from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies, who can choose from a whopping 250+ workplaces & 16500 seats across Bangalore, Hyderabad & Pune according to their convenience, whether it’s a cabin, meeting room, training space or an event space; justifying its name which stands for Space for every NEED. This impressive growth has been fuelled by SNEED's habit of going a step beyond merely listing the properties (free of cost but charges a nominal transaction fee). The users are benefited by the one stop transparent solution, where they are able to check out all the workspaces available to them, understand the risks involved, compare them and make informed choices not just in terms of pricing but also other aspects akin to amenities. "We always encourage our users to go through numerous options before making their final decisions," states the duo.

With value added benefits of zero brokerage and'book now,pay later',SNEED is playing a crucial role for both parties where it is able to fulfil both sides of the equation

The company helps its space partners to propagate their ideas & cost to the users and educate them about their various offerings and branches available. Additionally it also offers shared office concept where the companies, instead of
leaving their seats empty, invite like minded people at a nominal price. It has built strong relationship with space partners by candidly providing plentiful data (target audience, apt pricing, locations, required amenities & risks involved) that would help them make right financial decision. With value added benefits of zero brokerage and 'book now,pay later',SNEED is playing a crucial role for both parties where it is able to fulfil both sides of the equation.

When SNEED comes across a mismatch between the user's requirements and the provider's services, it plays the intermediary medium that convinces both of them to find a middle ground in terms of pricing, timing, amenities and so on, which fulfils unexpected requirements that are not yet in the standardized market. More over, the company's commendable team is always there to cater customers call. The entire on boarding process within SNEED is pretty robust with legal agreements, as the company has verified the listed properties in person with each of the space partner.

SNEED founders are very positive about the over all growth of the industry and believe that the emerging trend will find its way into the mainstream in the future. Additionally, they offer a glimpse of technology oriented growth that would complement the current market scenario and further ameliorate customer experience. "We we want to be there during the market up reach and we want to lead in the way it grows," concludes the duo.