Slyds: Infusing Your Presentation with a Pulse from Your Heart

Be it before the whole world, the customers, or the investors, every billion-dollar idea requires a perfect presentation to convey it – a crisp one that makes an impact well-before the time runs-out. Let’s take the example of an investor-pitch deck. The investors have startup-pitches for breakfast; so it’s imperative to catch their eyeballs quickly and engage them by keeping the slides simple. Having worked on over 500 investment decks and helped raise over $500 million investment, Slyds Services Pvt. Ltd. – a presentation design & training company – knows exactly what is required to find this ideal balance and perfection of presentations, while telling the exact same story that the presenters write deep in their mind.

Deepak Kumar, CEO, Slyds Services, asserts, “The perfect recipe to help companies win pitches, launch products, seal deals and pick-up awards lies in active participation in the content creation, giving advice for the outline, and being flexible throughout the process. Our experience with & understanding of various industries is an extra edge that makes our client see us more like a partner”.

A Story is Never Finished until It’s Conveyed
The close-knit approach that Deepak boasts about however entails meticulous research, especially since the company creates designs & content from scratch, including restructuring an existing PPT. Hence, Slyds delves deep into the client’s website, branding guidelines and corporate templates that are already in place, which act as design cues to understand the fonts, color and design language, so that the deck doesn’t look out of place within the organization. Once the company sets the basics in place, its designers flex their innovative muscles to perfection and finalize a design that’s fresh, unique and gels with the organization. In addition, they ensure that the PPTs manifest the same experience across the platforms like mobile phone, laptop, and in many cases, various software.
“Our unique measure for quality and affordability is a happy customer. We are happy to work and rework until they are satisfied,” adjoins Deepak. For a company that accomplishes close to a dozen PPTs per month, it sure is an outstanding achievement that 85 percent of its business comes through references. Its prestigious clientele includes Decathlon, Juniper Networks, Motorola, and Lexus, in addition to the stellar startups like Licious, Pitstop, Bluestone and Vahdam Teas.

Deepak Kumar,CEO

Needless to say, this success indeed is traced back to a number of success anecdotes that Slyds wrote for its clients. One of them happened recently. “It was one of the major US-based MNCs. They in fact were already partnered with a global agency to do their decks. However, one of their employees was not happy with the output provided by the agency and she contacted us. The new deck created by us was much appreciated by the whole company, probing us into a lot of references,” narrates a proud Deepak.

Slyds delves deep into the client’s website, branding guidelines and corporate templates that are already in place, which act as design cues to understand the fonts, color and design language

Warning: Success Ahead!
Going forward, Slyds, which has already helped a bunch of startups bag million-dollar investments, is setting-up a dedicated team to provide financial services like market & competition research, financial projections and much more pertaining to developing investment decks. Furthermore, to fuel its current 40 percent year-on-year growth, setting-up sales teams in the US, Europe & the Middle East and stationing its production team in India’s Western Coast is also on the cards.