SkillSertifika: A Global Leader in Offering Professional Courses for IT & Corporates

Tarachand Dhoundiyal, Vice President,Madhuri Chawhan, Global Sales Head

Tarachand Dhoundiyal, Vice President

Madhuri Chawhan, Global Sales Head

Employers in India today grapple with a major skill crunch among existing labor pool, which will continue to impede growth if not addressed and could have a significant impact on major APAC economies by 2030. To fill this void, SkillSertifika has carved out its niche in the Indian industry, wherein it offers certified and instructor led training courses in the latest IT technologies & management methodologies. Madhuri Chawhan, Global Sales Head, SkillSertifika, avers, “We aim to be the thought leaders for the industry professionals by providing world class training using unique & smart pedagogy of scenario-based learning”.

An International certification organization located at the heart of the commercial district of Singapore, SkillSertifika is well-known for its governance & quality in training and certification at universities and corporate across the globe. It is now delivering core certification (CITP) sessions to professionals and students including the Government bodies, as virtually or on site classes, available to fit any schedule and skill level.

As most of the organizations prefer skill-ready hires to gain agility in dynamic business scenarios, SkillSertifika offers targeted courses to fit every industrial need, be it for advanced technology or business management. Its technical courses cover both integrated courses(ITSIM, CITP, ITSIM & GITPM) to enhance one’s techno-management capabilities as well as purely technical advanced industrial computing courses on cloud, NETCOM, DevOps, information security, data center engineering
and broadband for IT support professionals. It also offers a bouquet of management certification courses like services marketing management,sales management, business strategy professional, HR management and international business. Currently, there are 25 associated faculties in SkillSertifika, holding decades of industry experience to deliver these programs.

We aim to be the thought leaders for the industry professionals by providing worldclass training using unique & smart pedagogy of scenario-based learning

To bridge the gap between industry and education, the curriculum is very well-structured and each study session is delivered based on industrial case studies and practical experiences of experienced industry veterans. Besides organizing activities like Coffee Chat programs with Industrial Leaders & mock interview drills, SkillSertifika also offers resume preparation support, placement opportunities and even future support & updates on technology. The institute that revamps it courses apace with the very new updates in the global market is collaborating with different organizations to develop and deliver market leading IT and management exams worldwide. To assure high caliber programs, the contents are validated by different industry experts and are regularly audited. “Our exams are strict and candidates receive certificates that have value in job markets,” adjoins Madhuri.

Madhuri Chawhan, Global Sales Head

Empowering India
Madhuri recalls, “We have spent over one year on R&D and product development part to launch world-class certification programs.” As technical progress alone cannot support financial development, SkillSertifika has designed a capstone service, ‘Entrepreneurship Programs’ for individuals who wish to monetize technological breakthroughs. Using this as a tool, it is preparing a fertile platform for women entrepreneurs to flourish at Indian grounds, which has received high appreciation from the Government of India. Furthermore, it is also delivering ‘Rural India Programme for Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Rural Women Empowerment’ as a part of its CSR initiative.