Silverline Electronics: Channelizing Electronic Components Distribution Fastened with Quality & Customization

Manish Chawla, CEOAs the year begins in earnest, electronic technology is poised to impact the global economy, and the nucleus of this transformation is electronic component industry. The mushrooming customer base and increased penetration of digitization has opened avenues for the growth of value-added distributors. Attuned to industry changes and trends, these distributors have the resources to implement, and at times, perfect the idea. Keen to master this opportunity, Manish Chawla (CEO, Silverline Electronics) channelized an electronic components distribution system, a modus operandi contriving the delivery of components to clients on the swift wheels of security and cost efficacy.

A drop ship for Raspberry Pi Zero W and Google Artificial Intelligence Voice Kits in India, Silverline is a versatile leader providing world-class products, integrated solutions and innovative technologies for industrial electronic components, industrial automation components and embedded development tools, thus bridging customer’s demands with manufacturer’s supplies. Entrenched in 2015, Silverline is a prime mover in automation, electronic components, IoT, Robotics, and Embedded boards market, and provisions multiple segments (B2B & B2C) with
its wide ranging product solutions, inclusive of automation components (Power supplies, PMP, PLC, relays, and HMIs), industrial electronics(ICs, Capacitors, Resistors, Fuses), complete IoT portfolio of customized PCs and single based computers for companies to automate their environment.

Silverline provides post sales assistance that includes testing warranties, datasheet distribution and proffering 30 days–6 months warranty depending on the product’s faults

Silvering the Customer’s Line
Some, but not all, distributors have adapted to the market changes by providing services more than just product; by standing with this paradigm shift, Silverline decked its distribution system with product customization advantage. Manish states, “Some clients call for products that have limited availability. In such cases, our strong association with manufacturers worldwide comes into play that enables us to import products within a time span of three-five days, with the clearance of all legal formalities and custom duties”. A mark up price of five percent is charged that comforts customer’s pocket as well as distributor’s efforts.

Unlike other sellers tricking customers with hidden policies, Silverline provides post sales assistance that includes testing warranties, datasheet distribution and proffering 30 days–6 months warranty depending on the product’s faults. The company
developed an online platform (WPA protected & Google Certified) for tested & trusted component purchases while also commenced an Enterprise Procurement program for large manufacturing industries to carry out specific plans effective of saving cost & time. Backed with a young team with the support of Giridhar Chawla (Founder), Suresh Kumar (35 years’ experience), and Rohan Smith, the company executes technical stratagems and market oriented ideas to diversify product portfolio and improvise clientele engagement.

Versatile Footsteps
Headquartered in Bangalore, Silverline ensconced 45 retail stores & own sellers PAN India and also transports components across Asia countries (Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) while adhering to all legal regulations. Partnered with IIT Bangalore, IIT Vadodara and Indian Institute of Science for electronic components supply, the company succors distribution assistance to industry bigwigs like Elcom, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beaglebone, ISRO, DRDO, Honeywell, to name a few. Silverline tied-up with Elements 14, lately, for the management of its B2C segment.

Expected to graph revenue growth of 250 percent this accounting year, Silverline mapped plans for service personalization, single port computers customization and envisions entering Industrial IoT vertical (due end-2018); a franchise program is in pipeline to endow Silverline’s experience to different states. Grateful to Raspberry Pi foundation (UK) for according him the opportunity, Manish avers, “Believing in our tagline ‘Beginning of the era’, we are determined to remodel the way distribution works in the upcoming years. Making everything possible is the mantra we live by”.