Sierra Cartel: Empowering Entrepreneurs with an Exemplary Environment at Affordable Pricing

Bharath S Kumar ,Co-Founders

Bharath S Kumar


To elude the hustle & bustle of commercial spaces, entrepreneurs are thronging to co-working spaces. Alas! In most of the co-working-spaces, entrepreneurs bear the risk of high costs, stress, exploitation, conflicts & distrusts that negatively affect their self-efficacy & enthusiasm. Empowering entrepreneurs with the exemplary environment to prosper is Sierra Cartel, a one-of-its-kind co-working service provider offering creative spaces for those who want to escape the expensive & uncomfortable co-working spaces through flexible payment models. By offering the multitude of services and community-driven ecosystem at affordable pricing – co-working space from Rs.3000-5000 per seat, private offices (Rs.10,000), virtual offices (Rs.2500), and training rooms (Rs.350 per hour), Sierra Cartel has given the serviced industry a whole new approach. “Sierra Cartel Co-working Spaces strives to be the leader in the business of providing affordable, comfortable & practical co-working, dedicated office spaces and training spaces for various training requirements,” says Sujith D Reddy, Co-Founder, Sierra Cartel. Thanks to this astute model, Sierra Cartel enables the entrepreneurs to focus on their core things, what Sierra Cartel calls – ‘Your Idea & Your Venture’.
On the flipside, Sierra Cartel offers a unique franchising opportunity for property owners with the desire to be a part of the office space revolution, and cater to all kinds of demand for office space via strategic partnerships & collaborations. As a franchise, it takes a majority of the hassle of opening a business out of the equation for its franchisees that include branding, site selection, lease negotiation, marketing plans, property renovation, and more. “We are maximizing revenue for the property owners & minimizing costs for the tenants by associating with the properties in right locations & plots. We welcome such property owners to be a part of Sierra Cartel and grow with endless possibilities,” says Bharath S Kumar, Co-Founder, Sierra Cartel. Through this model, Sierra Cartel is targeting to capture the Bangalore market followed by other Indian metro cities (Hyderabad being next), and other countries to bring efficiency in the existing office spaces. In fact the company is in talks with co-working space players in Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok.

"Sierra Cartel Co-working Spaces strives to be the leader in the business of providing affordable,comfortable & practical co-working, dedicated office spaces and training spaces for various training requirements"

Offering Collaborative Spaces
Offering industry-specific, community-focused, and creative wide variety of spaces that include co-working, private offices, virtual office, training rooms (for freelancers and small training institutes), managed offices and more at multiple locations, Sierra Cartel is an incredible novel resource bootstrap startups. While its spaces are fully fitted with adequate office infrastructure, a
dedicated client manager is assigned to provide professional concierge support.

Eluding the drawbacks of typical co-working spaces, which are jam-packed with multiple clients, Sierra Cartel enables businesses who want privacy to work where they want, when they want, and how they want through its private dedicated offices of all sizes, and fully functional offices. An ideal space for thriving businesses & growing startups alike, Sierra Cartel builds an ergonomic co-working environment through community building & networking events for entrepreneurs to get their long pending questions answered and makes those quintessential connections.

Sujith D Reddy, Co-Founder

What started with 20 seats at HSR Layout in 2012, and amplified from 1000 sq/ft to 10000 sq/ft, Sierra Cartel has swiftly expanded and opened over six co-working centres at four locations, serving more than 150 enterprises, and is generating over Rs.1 crore of revenue annually. Today, the company has become a beacon for the community. Sierra Cartel has helped many prominent brands to transform their business that include Apna Complex, Mitraz Financials, Simplilearn, Royal Holidays, Impact Analytics, Eisner Amper, Ergo Talent, and many more.