Shripad Group: Offering Technology Backed Employee Transportation Services

Balaji Survase,   Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Balaji Survase

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

The COVID pandemic has disrupted the way businesses operate. Due to the lockdown imposed following the virus out break, the work from home practice became a norm across industries. Employee transport services was one among the badly hit industries due to the pandemic. However, things have improved now as most companies have waived-off work from home for their employees and asked to return back to their work places. As a result, the employee transportation services industry is now rising like a phoenix and witnessing massive growth in recent times. Unavailability of rides when needed, high costs of rides and security concerns especially for the female employees are few other reasons fuelling the industry growth. According to, the global employee transportation services market which stood at $32.38 billion in 2021 is expected to be worth $44.48 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 5.44 percent over the forecast period.

While there are a multitude of companies in India offering employee transportation services, timely pick-up & drop of employees and unavailability of vehicles during emergency or on a short notice remain the major concerns in the industry. Handling all these challenges efficiently and offering high quality employee transportation services is Shripad Group. Started in 2013 as Shripad Enterprises, the company was then primarily into trading, employee transportation and car rentals. However, it was rechristened as Shripad Multiproduct LLP in 2016, and is today active in manufacturing, trading, printing, EPC, renewable energy, finance and many other areas.

Having been in the employee transportation industry for close to a decade now, each member of the Shripad Group team has 15+ years of experience in the industry. The management team too has prior experience in the employee transportation space and thus clearly understands the diverse aspects involved such as security expectations, employee expectations and behavioral expectations from the drivers of our fleet. This indepth experience and clear understanding of the clients’ needs has enabled the company to offer high quality and timely employee transportation services.

“Our profound industry experience and hiring people with positive attitude for our team and our fleet is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. We make sure that once a client boards our vehicle, they forget all their worries and come out of the stress. Our mission is to deliver top quality and secure employee transportation & car rental services, and envision becoming India’s foremost value driven company that offers safe comfortable and cost effective employee transportation & car rental services”, explains Balaji Survase, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, Shripad Group.

Unlike other companies in the industry that only offer plain employee transportation services consistently and never look at improving their services, Shripad Group makes sure that all latest technologies are in place, thus ensuring improved efficiency of its services from time to time. Yet another striking feature of the group is that it keeps a strict vigil on its services and offers suggestions to its clients as to how they can cut down on their costs. Also, while server issues are common place in the industry, Shripad Group has never faced any server related problems in the last 7-8 years.

At Shripad Group, we are constantly strive to best by ensuing the
A)Driven by Excellence- We are committed to deliver only the best at every stage of the process, from planning to delivery, to unlock maximum value.
B)Focused & Passionate Team-We are experienced team ofprofessionals, driven digitally with a common mission of consistent service delivery to our customers 'on time every time nothing less than the best'.
C)Strong Relationships & Culture-Honesty, transparency and consistency are the underlying values in our relationship with the clients to instill trust and be trusted.
D)Innovation & Creativity- Our relentless efforts to stay on top of the latest technology trends and consistently think out of the box for every project we work on.

“We want to provide automated and technology enabled services where the manpower cost can be reduced and compliance & safety regulations are followed accurately. We ensure 100 percent availability of vehicles for our clients even when they need vehicles on a very short notice without prior information. We have an on-time percentage of above 95 percent, which is one of the highest in our industry. This is achieved by keeping an eye on the weekly reports and advising clients to prepone their employee pickup timing wherever there is a delay on a regular basis. This way, we are ensuring efficiency both of our services and for our clients”, concludes Balaji.