Shrinidhi Computers: An Established Expertise Delivering Futuristic Rental-Solutions for IT Infrastructural Needs

Aparish V Shetty,Founder

Aparish V Shetty, Founder

The once fragmented rental business is now springing-up a new façade, expanding to include everything right from clothes to furniture and equipments too. Rentals today seem as the only next smarter option for convenience rather than unreasonable costly investments. Moreover, as backed by research, renting equipment as opposed to purchasing them can foster a 26.3 percent reduction in a company’s expenditure, thus most nascent’s and flourishing businesses opt for renting rather than the hassles of ownership. Catering to this gravitational shift within the IT sector since 1997, Shrinidhi Computers wears a well-set reputation in the industry for provision of excellent laptops, workstations, servers & PC rentals, along with data recovery services and forensic cloning of every kind of storage media. Delved into unsurpassed quality standards and offerings that include AMC (annual maintenance contract) services, software sales and a resourceful support to meet end-to-end IT needs, Shrinidhi Computers is a definitive solution to all IT rental necessities.

Under the headship of Aparish V Shetty (Founder), who directs an innovative method of placing
acutting-edge over competitors, Shrinidhi Computers offers services that are highly demanded among its prestigious clientele. Aparish further goes on to state, “We provide products that are easy to install and use, and we ensure to fully understand the need of the market and mould ourselves accordingly, giving us the upper-hand in fulfilling the bulk requirement of our clientele”.

"Shrinidhi aims at making use of highly advanced and technically approved tackles in its delivery process, additionally supplying products & services with extreme dedication & precision"

With promptness, flexibility, inexpensive pricing structures and reliability coating the company’s objectives, Shrinidhi enumerates its offerings that include customized rental-solutions, free technical advices on selection of configuration and onsite support of all hardware/software installation issues. Surpassing normal standards of TAT, the company swears services within three hours (uses remote assistance tools like team viewer & Anydesk for troubleshooting to reduce on TAT) and also provides a virus-free setup, trouble-free hardware (state-of-the-art tools for checking the reliability of the hardware) and a technically competent staff with exceptional data confidentiality assured. Shrinidhi even isolates any deliberate mischief caused by the client’s employees causing performance issues.

Constant Efforts to Deliver the Best
Shrinidhi aims at making use of highly advanced and technically approved tackles in its delivery process, additionally supplying products & services with extreme dedication & precision. Right from
purveying secure data destruction from rental assets after termination of the rental contract to providing value-added services like on-site support staff at subsidized rates and non-refurbished hardware, the company always delivers the right configuration.

The company does a thorough background check of the clients well before starting the rental contract. Moreover, to ensure that payments are not burdensome on the clients, the company maintains an open-ended rental contract with no lock-in periods unless the requirement is niche.

Constantly striving to furnish a unique feedback oriented call management system, Shrinidhi does all in its prowess to ensure customer satisfaction with the resolution process. Furthermore, free technical advice is provided on selection of configuration to ensure value for money and cost-effective solutions. These services have delivered Shrinidhi Computer’s recognition to esteemed platforms like the TATA Group, Ashok Leyland and SKF India. Besides this, the company also caters to serving several engineering, software development, digital marketing, BPO/KPO and banking companies.

Multi-City Operations & Strategic Tie-ups
Growing at a pace of 20-30 percent annually against challenges like narrowing and rapid depreciation of assets due to technological advances, Shrinidhi Computers plans on establishing large-scale multicity operations. Adding supplementary products like UPS and Tabs under its rental skew, the company is also enroute to developing significant strategic tie-ups in the future.