Shree Hatkeshwara Group: Confronts Inconsistent Inflow of Customers' Demands with Affordable, Bespoke & Time Bound Services

Mukta Shah, Director

Mukta Shah


Acknowledged as India’s ‘Sunrise Industry’, logistics has evolved substantially from mere hardcore transportation into the fulcrum of value-added services due to supercharged factors like seamless manufacturing, burgeoning growth in e-Commerce space, influx of consumer demands and many more. Yet the pressing issue among most organizations is the inconsistent inflow of demands for diverse products which hinders them from effectively planning their dispatches and other logistics arrangements. A pioneer in crafting logistics and surface transportation solutions in India, Shree Hatkeshwara Group ensures to address any of the clients’ logistics requirements with its large fleet of all diversified vehicles (5 to 36 tons of capacity) and never fail them with shortage of facilities.

For instance, cement is one such industry where demand is quite uncertain with sudden spikes especially after the third week. But Shree Hatkeshwara Group executes the mammoth task of arranging specialized vehicles in no time to transport the loose cement packages as per the desired delivery. In fact, the firm’s unique selling proposition is ‘Make Customers Lazy’ where in its CRM team stays proactive to adapt to any of the planned logistics requirements of the customers and accordingly mobilize its fleet to fulfil them efficiently well before they arise. “Specializing in total incorporated supply chain methods, we personalize solutions with competitive pricing, devise standards in service quality and show utmost concern for our clients from a wide range of industries,” enunciates Adityaraj Shah, Founder & Group CEO, Shree Hatkeshwara Group.

Despite being a milk tanker driver during the initial days, Adityaraj propelled himself towards laying the foundation for Shree Hatkeshwara Group in 1991 with his entrepreneurial business skills, business discipline, hardworking attribute and most importantly the enormous support of his wife Sujata. Envisioning to become the most renowned name in the globe, the firm extends its arm in building global infrastructure by collaborating
with people around the world and never neglects to maintain reliability, capacity, safety, credibility, innovation and employee friendly milieu while dealing with clients. Indeed, its entire team collectively endeavours to achieve the common denomination of success and growth for the firm by inculcating deep sense of responsibility, determination, dedication, honesty and many other facets.

Shree Hatkeshwara Group ensures to address any of the clients’ logistics requirements with its large fleet of all diversified vehicles and never fail them with shortage of facilities

Bespoke Services
As customers’ demands vary drastically in tune with the emerging industry trends, Shree Hatkeshwara Group assures to firstly understand the nuances of their requirements and accordingly design service systems via dedicated team of qualified people. To either identify the primary location or alternative location of products in a warehouse, the firm provides primary and secondary warehousing /redistribution services. Later on, it also assists customers in inbound and outbound freight handling at surface, rail rake management, surface transportation services as well as third party logistics services, all pinned with the most economical pricing options and time bound deliveries. Be it transportation of cement, Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag(GGBS), steel, chemicals like LPG & propane or any freight, Shree Hatkeshwara Group stands at the forefront of the industry by transporting over two million metric tons of cargo PAN India every year in its own 1250++ vehicles.

Safety of Freights & Human Resources
Demarcating as one of India’s largest fleet owners of bulkers, Shree Hatkeshwara Group makes sure that each of its vehicle is equipped with GPS trackers to seamlessly monitor it and follow a stringent ERP to fully integrate all its activities. While packaging the freights, this ISO 9001:2015 certified firm uses the world’s best in class materials to guard them from damage, wetness or dust, abides by unique safety measures to handle them meticulously and ascertains no transhipment to prevent damage. Also, it takes utmost care of human resources in the supply chain and frames innovative solutions to combat any
sort of problem that sprouts up during transportation of goods. In western India, Shree Hatkeshwara Group stands amongst the top three transporters of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. and is also proud to be the one of the pre-eminent transporters of around 2,000,000 metric tons of cement, 300,000 metric tons of gas and 290,000 metric tons of steel annually in India. The group has also entered the US market under the name of SHCM Worldwide Inc. Based out of Maryland, SHCM is a trucking and logistics company hauling Liquid Asphalt in tankers and agricultural produce through refrigerated trailors.

Reciprocal Work Culture
At Shree Hatkeshwara Group, refresher courses (for drivers especially those involved in Hazmat transportation) and lectures (for accounts & admin dept.) are conducted regularly. The CRM team makes regular visits to customers’ locations in order to comprehend their product development needs while the maintenance team continually coordinates with its vehicle manufacturers to absorb their requirements and simultaneously convey theirs. Suffusing the simple concept ‘You work for me, I will take care of you’ across the workplace, the firm assures that the efforts of each one of its employees are recognized and there by relishes low attrition rates.

Beholding a single digit growth in revenue this March, 2018, Shree Hatkeshwara Group is aspiring to procure a double digit growth in the upcoming years and augment its fleet with a decent number of latest vehicles. Due to inclusion of great steps taken towards infrastructure development by the central government under the reign of PM Modi, the firm foresees a bright future for the logistics industry in India.

Key Management:
Adityaraj Shah, Founder & Group CEO
A dynamic personality and visionary, Adityaraj is ceaselessly grooming his business network to upscale the logistics and transportation operations of the company.

• Rail Rake Management
• Inbound & Outbound Freight Handling at Surface
• Primary & Secondary Warehousing/Redistribution
• Third Party Logistics
• Surface Transportation Services

Offices: Pune (Head Office), Mumbai, Solapur, Loni, Sedam, Kallur, Bangalore, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Hajira, Porbandar & Jamnagar