ShowCase Events: Took the Challenge Head-On and Innovated

“The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew, and act anew.” - Abraham Lincoln. Offline events, like the world, came to a standstill in March 2020, and faced mammoth challenges albeit immense opportunities were presented for the industry to innovate. The question of survival lingered and like for every other person or industry, technology took the centerstage of events industry during the pandemic.

Pre- COVID, technology had found a good spot in on-ground events, and in the post-pandemic era, when awarded the protagonist role, it rose to the occasion. Slowly and gradually, event companies devised a way to translate customized experience of an offline world into online, but there was a catch. Online meeting apps like Zoom or Streamyard offered a limited scope for personalization of the events. However, companies like ShowCase Events understood the technology, and developed their own 3D events platform to deliver personalized events for their clients that is customized for the attendee, all done digitally.

We design an experience for our client, and handhold as well as customize it

“We design an experience for our client, and handhold as well as customize it,” says Nanni Singh, Founder & CEO, Showcase Events. “For us, each attendee and client is important.” ShowCase Events is a Gurgaon-based company that fosters the culture of innovation and focuses on quality to realize their client’s vision. Be it on-ground event or virtual, ShowCase Events has raised the bar on how to consistently deliver even in the testing times of pandemic.

In the wake of the pandemic, the company went back to its foundation days and brought the spotlight on classical and folk artists. By learning the usage of technology, ShowCase Studios - the performance wing was conceptualized. The company promised to
take care of the technology aspect as the artist got a stage to perform. Pro bono. The company organized In Conversation - a virtual live talk show hosted from ShowCase Studios. Artists who excelled in music, theater, standup and fashion were invited at the studio and the talk led to performances, giving a feel of live show that is streamed to any platform. The company also organized a public show virtually where artists are invited to perform on ShowCase Facebook page. ShowCase Events created a complete home-grown virtual production called ‘Synthesis – The Indian Muse’ with 16 exemplary artists and has won the Silver Medal Honour at Global Music Awards for the same. This proves that any magnitude of work is possible using good technology skills.

 Nanni Singh,  CEO
Team ShowCase

While all this was going on, ShowCase Events was ready to overhaul the events industry. A 3D platform was created to furnish the look and feel of the actual event with the help of a bunch of good partners who helped Nanni’s team leverage the 2D and 3D technology platforms. Through the platform, actual physical locations were recreated on the screen through 3D design. “An example would be a virtual college. If anybody came to the virtual campus, they should actually feel they were in a live space,” says Nanni. “And since then, we never looked back.” The platform paved a new way of re-imagining the events - hybrid. Partly real, partly virtual. From convocations to student orientations and international conferences, ShowCase Events delivered everything. The extent of customized offering is such that the company has partnered with e-commerce companies to deliver customized packets, say a coffee kit, at the physical location of the attendee of the event.

Perhaps this is why, not only clients but attendees also applaud ShowCase Events for the new avatar of the event, which is definitely a boost of confidence for the team of ShowCase Events. They are the ones who thought anew and act anew in creating experiences. With new programmes like ShowCase YOUnique to bring the best side of the individuals and ShowCase Immigration and Relocation services, ShowCase Events is looking to spread its wings and spread out to different verticals in each direction.