SGN Entertainment: On a Mission to be a Leading Name in the Nation's Ad Film Production Landscape

  Samarth Naik,    CEOCorporate video production services are indispensable in today's business landscape. They serve as powerful tools for companies to engage audiences, convey their brand message effectively, and showcase their products or services. These videos bolster marketing efforts, enhance brand credibility, and facilitate clearer communication with clients, stakeholders, and employees. Through visually compelling and professionally crafted content, corporate videos offer a dynamic way to highlight achievements, share company culture, train staff, or launch new initiatives.

Their ability to captivate audiences across various platforms makes them essential for businesses aiming to stand out, build trust, and stay competitive in an increasingly visual and digital world. SGN Entertainment, founded over a decade ago, is one of the foremost companies in the country. Today, it is the first choice for Ad Film Production, with an impressive track record of producing innovative videos for numerous national and multinational corporations.

Clients in this area encounter a range of problems, including the requirement for innovation, high-quality films, relevance, and a deep grasp of customer needs. “We comprehend the requirements of an organization's promotional endeavours and produce video content tailored to those objectives. We have been substantiating this principle with undeniable proficiency in the production of advertising films and corporate videos. We provide services for every phase of the creative process, encompassing the ideation stage, pre-production, production,
post-production, and final delivery. We possess a clear understanding of the concept of good quality and recognize its ability to distinguish between mediocrity and perfection”, says Samarth Naik, CEO.

The organization is renowned for its exceptional and extensive range of services. SGN Entertainment has emerged as the top preference for a majority of Indians. “We specialize in producing video content for corporate films, TV commercials, feature films, and branding solutions. We make TV commercials, drama for big corporations and video content for websites. We also help our clients to reach their target audience with innovative marketing solutions. SGN Entertainment, established by a group of experts in video production creates the right TV commercials to attract the audiences’ attention”, speaks Samarth.

SGN Entertainment is the brainchild of Samarth Naik, who upon obtaining his Engineering and MBA degrees, gained extensive experience working with multinational corporations before venturing into the field of Ad Film Production. He experienced a sense of deja vu as he witnessed his childhood desire materialize in the form of his Ad Film production firm. SGN Entertainment specializes in producing Creative Ad Films, Corporate Films, and Documentary Films. Thus far, the company has accomplished over 500 projects to the satisfaction of the client.

The organization has affiliations with esteemed organizations such as Mitsubishi Group, Kirloskar Group, VIT University, Vijaya Bank, Aster Hospital, Karnataka Govt, KLE - Tech University, Sanjay Ghodawat Group, Nambiar Builders, and several others. SGN Entertainment has also ventured into feature film production, with Kannada movie, Moksha. Samarth Naik has written and Directed Moksha, which saw promising reviews.

Operating on its fundamental principle of conducting commercial connections with integrity, SGN believes that a business can expand by building, rewarding, & maintaining personal relations

Future Roadmap

SGN Entertainment is committed to doing all transactions with a win win approach. The organization has undergone significant advancements in terms of innovation and consumer acquisition since its establishment. SGN's objective is to become one of the top names in the nation's ad film production industry. The company's mission is to collaborate with businesses and provide them with a competitive advantage by producing high-quality and innovative ad films. Operating on its fundamental principle of conducting commercial connections with integrity, SGN believes that a business can expand by building, rewarding, and maintaining personal relations.