SGN Entertainment: Delivering Excellence with a Promise to Enhance Brand Value

Samarth Naik,  Founder

Samarth Naik


While the advent of social media tools has been a revolutionary breakthrough for communication today, for the ad film industry, social media has been more than just revolution it has been the priceless source of imperceptible impending consumers. According to Statista report, the overall revenue from social media advertising segment amounts to the US $3,375m in 2019 that includes ad film. Due to this reason, both large scale and small scale businesses have started preferring ad films through social media. Now, as the stipulation for ad films have increased, it has augmented the need for apposite ad film production houses, where SGN Entertainment, a Bangalore based ads film production house is slaying other ad film production houses by making highflying television commercials, drama for reputed corporate houses, and video content for websites.

Founded in 2011 by a veteran in the marketing realm of the industry, Samarth Naik, SGN Entertainment has incorporated some of the brilliant minds in their team, who are highly qualified individuals, coming from various backgrounds like engineering and management, having impeccable industry experience. Samarth Naik, Founder, SGN Entertainment, incepted the company to
furnish ingenious creative services to the corporate society without compromising quality. He says, “We start every project by reminding ourselves that it is the final project and we will rock it. We create videos and execute them the way we would if it were to be for our own needs. There is a thin line between mediocrity and excellence, where our services never cross the line to jump into the mediocrity section.”

SGN Entertainment has become the number one choice for most of the Indian and international corporate spaces for making appealing ad films

SGN Entertainment has become the number one choice for most of the Indian and international corporate spaces for making appealing adfilms. They have already provided services to some of the ground breaking names from various industries like Hebron Properties, Nambiar Builders, Columbia Asia, and Koshys Hospital. In 2012, just one year after its launch, SGN Entertainment created one of the best healthcare videos in the nation. Only two years later in 2014, SGN Entertainment got recognition for making the world’s best educational videos and India’s best corporate videos. Within 8 years of its inception, SGN Entertainment has served more than 138 clients and has completed 320 projects. “Ad film production is our passion and if you are coming to us with any project, you can relax and stay assured of the quality. At every stage of the production, we verify the quality,” says Samarth.

Apart from ad films, the service bracket of SGN Entertainment includes corporate films that have the capacity to connect any business to a wider spectrum of equivalent intelligence. “Creative documentary film is another section which is our forte, where we help our clients to convey a message through a video. We also provide branding solutions through website ads, print ads, radio ads, and media promotions to showcase latest products in a different yet efficient way,” says Samarth. In a nutshell, SGN Entertainment is the business enhancing solution provider that creates a perpetual effect in the viewer's mind. Though not limiting its array of services to any particular category of film production, SGN Entertainment has a separate unit of feature film production. The production unit is all set to release SGN’s first film, ‘Moksha’ this year and Samarth and Co. are ready to take their company in the next level.