SFO Technologies: Making a Mark in the Global Test and Measurement Solutions Market

Althaf Jehangir, CEO & Executive Director,N. Jehangir, Managing Director

Althaf Jehangir, CEO & Executive Director

N. Jehangir, Managing Director

SFO Technologies, the flagship company of NeST Group with their over two and a half decades of presence as a world-class ESDM Service Provider, supplying to leading Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries like Aerospace and Defence, Communications, Healthcare, Energy & Industrial and Transportation. The company as part of their bouquet of services is emerging as a silent transformer of the test and measurement space.

Throwing light, Mr.N.Jehangir, Managing Director speaks “With increasing complexity and high operating frequencies of electronic gadgets, the requirement for testing and measurement has become a vital process in manufacturing. Ensuring high product quality by employing optimized testing strategies while maximizing overall test coverage is the need of the hour.”

Setting an example,SFO Technologies excels in providing end to end comprehensive test and measurement solutions to their global clients. Working hand in glove with customers, offering not only test strategies right from the design phase through the complete manufacturing process, but also
implementing them in every phase to ensure that customers products fully comply with best in class international standards is the unique differentiation SFO brings to this market.

SFO’s Unique Portfolio for the Test and Measurement Solutions
Today, SFO covers the entire spectrum from Concept to Design to Engineering to Manufacturing and Software to Application Development Services. To ensure that the OEMs get maximum benefit out of their services, SFO has supplemented their bouquet of services with complementary competencies in the Test and Measurement field.

When it comes to Testing Solutions, starting with PCBAs to complete Box Build, SFO with in-house competencies as shown below is a prominent player in the market

• Design for test ability analysis ensuring maximum test coverage with available test strategies
• Designing test strategies based on the detailed coverage analysis ensuring maximum test coverage at an optimal cost
• Test specification developed from product design data
• Design & development of ICT fixtures based on Agilent 3070, Teradyne, and Aeroflex along with in-house programming capabilities on ICT and Flying Probe
• Boundary scan solutions for high speed/high-frequency boards where test accessibility is limited
• System design and development of fully Automated Test Stations(ATEs)with multiplexed architecture,right from mechanical fixtures design, fabrication and development of test software in various platforms like Labview, C#, Python.
• Environmental stress screening facilities with temperature cycling, elevated temperature tests, thermal shock and vibration tests
• Comprehensive knowledge of various protocols like CAN, SNMP, PSEM, ARINC, Ethernet
• Full-fledged mechanical lab for in-house fabrication of mechanical fixtures, CNC with software tools like CREO, AutoCAD, Solid works.
• Online real-time access to test data to customers for effective real-time analysis and proactive actions
• Tie-ups with industry leaders in Calibration for in-house calibration of equipments with ERP integrated Calibration and Preventive maintenance alerts for proactive actions

The Way Forward
Sailing against the wind, over the years, SFO has grown both organically and inorganically. Not only has SFO mastered every facet of high mix, low volume, and vice versa manufacturing, they have pioneered Industry 4.0 initiatives in the country for the ESDM space. Customers trust them for being a flexible and innovative technology partner willing to grow with them providing services that can mitigate their pain areas. Mr. Althaf Jehangir, CEO & Executive Director narrating the roadmap ahead, concludes, “Plans are afoot to add more manufacturing both in India and abroad in the near future to boost our revenue growth. More than anything, we are positioned uniquely to become a billion-dollar company covering multiple geographies in the globe with focus as a vertically integrated concept to build and build to print solutions provider, which means we will grow our Test and Measurement portfolio also considerably in near future”