Setner: Upgrading Product Manufacturingthrough Innovation & Vertical Integration

Chandan Kumar,CEOPeople usually verge towards the products of vertically integrated companies due to their capability of producing high-quality, low cost and tailor-made goods. Though Vertical Integration would allow them to lower per-unit-cost and increase the efficiency of manufacturing process, most organizations fear to tread on this path, since it demands humungous capital investment and an astute CEO with a wide skill-set. Chandan Kumar, CEO, Setner, is one such smart businessman who is keenly passing the price advantage to the consumers, while enhancing the magnitude and scale of business as well.

This Bangalore-based company holds a diversified product portfolio of 100+ unique products ranging from Furniture, Retail, EPS, Packaging, Travel Accessories, Car Accessories, Toys, Licensed Merchandise, and Furnishing to Printing. Being connected at ground level with its products, process, people and prices has endowed the company with accolades such as the ‘Most Promising Vendor Partner in Home category’ by Bharti Walmart, Gold Seller by Flipkart and Own Brand Champion by Metro Cash N Carry among others. While most such companies run after
sales, Setner fixates on driving sales through innovation and vertical integration. “We take pride in creating value by virtue of Design, Pricing and Utility, in every product that we work on,” remarks Chandan.

Setner stands as the sole brand in this vertical to procure an in-house petrochemical plant that manufactures Epoxy Poly Styrene products for the furniture it produces

Applied Services
Despite being the only national player and recognizable brand in this vertical, Setner undertakes joint business planning with its clients based on their tangents & model and not based on what it offers. “We believe in hard core in-house manufacturing and never work orthodox way and throw tantrums of MOQ or price barriers to our clients,” adjoins Chandan. Besides facilitating clients to explore various price brackets through the Private Label option,Setner also deploys a dedicated supply chain and logistics partnership for clients who have limited shelf/floor space yet generate a high sell-through. Alongside offering the benefits of Customized packaging and National supply chain, it also ensures just-in-time inventory by analyzing Advance Sales Planning and Sales Forecast, without depending on any external factors.

Fostering the ‘Human Touch’ as its core DNA, Setner is the first
company in India to offer personalized printed bean bags. Setner stands as the sole brand in this vertical to procure an in-house petrochemical plant that manufactures Epoxy Poly Styrene products for the furniture it produces. Setner rekindles the Disney days for its customers through 'Orka'- a licensed merchandise partner of Disney that deals in diversified portfolio of products including Home Decore, Furniture, Toys, EPS and Licensed Fan Merchandise. “Our Factory is audited by Disney who has authorized us to manufacture Disney branded merchandise for all four Disney hallmark - Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars,” proclaims Chandan.

Business Functionalities
Over the years, Setner has invested vigorously in Backwards Integration, Product Development and Supply Chain incorporating 360o integrated manufacturing. With its proprietary ERP – Udaan, it leverages data analytics to understand the business better. It addresses customers’ challenges like counterfeit products, lack of standardized sizes, and ignorance about product & its usability through solid product demonstration and cogent customer support team.

Enjoying a flexible and performance-oriented work culture, Setner’s employees are gauged based on their ability to take responsibility and demonstrate leadership skills. Ensuring a convenient edge for consumers and its stakeholders, Setner foresees to leverage its vertically integrated products and processes, and envisioning becoming a leader in alternate furniture providing unorthodox & conventional products.