Seshaasai: Transforming Business Challenges into Competitive Opportunities

The demand for anti counterfeiting and trademark protection solutions has grown due to regulatory and compliance requirements prescribed by various institutions over the last few years, and has been further fueled by the enormous growth of the e-commerce sector. As the world's economies deal with bringing business back to normal, the scenario paves the way for trademark protection, track and trace, and other anti-counterfeiting technologies in products and packaging throughout the supply chain. Seshaasai is an innovation company focused on secure and versatile technology driven solutions. Since its inception in 1993, the organisation has grown to become a trusted technology partner to organisations across sectors. It is equipped to support all of its customers through its 12 strategically located sites across the country.

Manufacturers have started to integrate cutting-edge emergent authentication technologies into their products and packaging to stay ahead of counterfeits. Adopting these technologies protects the brand's integrity, making it possible for retailers, distributors, or even final consumers to be aware of and authenticate a product being purchased. Technologies such as RF, Barcode/QR code smart labels, holograms, tamper-proof technology paired with concealed security elements including infrared(IR) and ultraviolet(UV) pigments, micro text and microscopic tagging provided by Seshaasai help further strengthen the anti-counterfeiting supply chain tracking steps. Constant changes in the regulatory framework, customer needs, technology advancements and competitive pressures are some of the key factors that drive Seshaasai's solutions to each of its customers. We listen, comprehend, understand and work out multiple options to help address the business needs.

Seshaasai is a trusted technology partner of leading names across sectors and has
solutions across five verticals, which include secure communications, smart payments, track and trace, smart fulfilment and smart compliance.

RUBIC, a secure customer communication management system offers an effective communication generation, management and delivery platform, izeiot, a Track & Trace AI-based spatial intelligence platform that powers wearable devices and tracking software. IOMS for smart fulfillment, offers optimized order and inventory management across a distributed network within an organization. GSTe Genie, a smart compliance software, helps adapt e-invoicing and ensures that every business can operate securely and seamlessly within the GST framework. Offering a range of smart and secure IoT solutions, we are taking `Make-in-India' to the world by transforming business challenges into competitive opportunities.

Develop Innovative & Lasting Solutions
Seshaasai’s end-to-end technology offerings revolve around the customer, ensuring they keep them ahead of time. Over the last 30 years, Seshaasai has been relentlessly providing innovative solutions across sectors, which has earned itself a number of awards and the recognition as the preferred technology partner to the BFSI sector. Seshaasai’s smart wearables offering is the first of its kind and part of the Make-in-India initiative. They have recently launched metal cards, payment wearables, picture personalized cards and other payment form factors.

The innovation of negotiable instruments with proprietary encrypted QR technology has enabled banks to reduce fraudulent transactions over and above positive pay initiatives. The company is constantly adapting relevant technologies, introducing innovative products and solutions to meet market demands and business challenges. Seshaasai has been awarded as Asia’s Greatest Brands 2020-21– Leader in the Customer Communication Management(CCM) Segment and the Best Tech Brand in the BFSI sector by “The Economic Times” for the second consecutive year.

Seshaasai's focus over the next few years is continuous innovation and focused attention to technologies affecting the payments and track and trace needs of the industry. Technology products and solutions that can aid organizations in their fight against counterfeits, supply chain visibility, asset management and tracking, and warehouse and inventory management. "Our focus is on solutions in the BFSI sector catering to the needs of our existing customers while also venturing into other industry verticals” says the team.