SelfCare: Adopting the Natural Way to a Healthy Body, Mind & Soul

Suman Agarwal,Chief Nutritionist

Suman Agarwal

Chief Nutritionist

New workout regimes and wearable technologies like fitness tracker are making health more personalized than ever by tracking heart rate, blood pressure and many other attributes specific to the user. However, diet plans continue to stay stuck in the ‘one-size-fit-all’ rut, negating the diverse essence of a human built up. Bringing about a change in the paradigm is Mumbai based SelfCare that crafts personalised wellness & diet plans that are invigorating customers with a new zeal for good health and good life.

Spearheaded by chief nutritionist Suman Agarwal, SelfCare is one-of-a-kind nutritive guide that is solving the age old challenge of lack of dietary knowledge. It is blending technology with the benefits of food knowledge to articulate nutritive plans targeting the problem areas and specific requirements of the customers without bringing about a massive change in their busy lifestyles. “Our system provides a highly personalised and effective programme of balanced nutrition and regular exercise that provides the best results since it is tailored to an individual’s specific needs,” emphasizes Suman.
A Personalized Health Benefit
SelfCare works around the concept of Preventive Health where the experts take into account customers’ unique health status, genetic predisposition to various ailments and guide them towards the health plans ideal for them. However, it doesn’t close its curtain post a mere wellness brief but an aggressive follow up and hand held guidance throughout the entire program continues. Further more, the clinic adds a personal touch through its 'SelfCare on the Move' enabling experts to travel to various cities to be available to counsel clients in person. Similarly, its 'SelfCare at Home' for the geriatric patients, kids nutrition tackling obesity and employee packages for several organisations put SelfCare in a distinct light of holistic wellness guide. The clinic also provides medical guidance by referring them to a doctor/diabetologist/endocrinologist.

Being in the industry with tralatitious outlook towards nutrition, SelfCare works on a different wavelength

Being in the industry with tralatitious outlook towards nutrition, SelfCare works on a different wavelength. For instance, the clinic’s nutrigenomics service works on personalised diet plan strictly adhering to customer’s genetics while its post-weight loss skincare solutions tackle the skin degradation due to illogical diet plans. International consumers, mainly from Hong Kong, Dubai, US and UK are
also benefited by SelfCare's online consultation where their diet is tailored to suit their indigenous palate and seasonal requirements. Moreover, its range of tangy snacks, teas and cookies makes it easier to adapt to the changes. The company has three recipe books to keep the diet interesting, while it also provides travel and restaurant menus so that people can follow diet wherever they are.

Helping them tweak their daily food habits with small but impactful practices like the Japanese principle of Hara Hachi Bu (eating only 80 percent of the eating capacity), stands as a testament for their knowledge and dedication towards the customers’ health. Suman further enunciates, “Our tech infused services like cool-sculpting and other body management services are deployed for certain individuals with specific focus on fatty deposits to improve their body contours”.

A robust system backs up and stores all clients’ data including blood work results, diet programs and even vitamins and supplements, enabling real time consultation anytime, anywhere. Such detailed records is a blessing when the client rejoin them. Currently the team is working on creating a mobile app diary which will help customers keep a track of their activities while on the go. “We are opening up a new market by customising programs for Indian millennials. We are also planning to strengthen our B2B online and offline engagement through corporates as well as B2C though online consultations,” concludes Suman.