Searce: Adopting Digital Transformation As A Way For Business Growth

Ankit Sinha,VPDigital transformation is accelerating at a rapid pace today. Indian organizations of all scales are using Google Workspace business solutions to improve interaction, cooperation, employee productivity, and to enable smooth digitalization. Established in 2004, Searce is a Cloud, Big Data and Applied AI driven business trans-formation firm. It specializes in transforming businesses by reimagining the `why' and redefining `what's next for workflows, automation, machine learning, and similar futuristic use cases by assisting them in moving to the Cloud, adopting SaaS, and building the next-generation Cloud technologies.

Ankit Sinha, VP, Searce says, "Searce has grown rapidly in India, and through various Cloud partnerships, such as GCP and AWS, we have now extended into additional regions, including Southeast Asia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States. We have sales, consulting teams, as well as solution engineering teams, in every location where we have a physical presence, serving the needs of clients."

Offering Workspace Resellers Services & Solutions
Searce makes it easy for the clients by not only supporting them with the adoption of new-age products but also designing custom solutions for their specific business needs. Searce also provides HRMS consulting services with its product happierWork for young cloud-native enterprises.
Through Recognic.AI, Searce is designing solutions for financial services, healthcare, logistics businesses to build better experiences for their end-users by accelerating document processing.

A Partnership of Searce & Google Cloud
Google and Searce have had a long-standing partnership, dating back to when Google released its initial corporate products, including Google Maps APIs, Enterprise Search and Google Apps for Business. Searce was one of Google's original ecosystem partners. Right from the beginning, Searce believed and advocated that the cloud was safe and that the data people uploaded to Google Apps would be more protected.

Searce has been adding large companies that have on boarded tensors into Google Apps for Business, which later became G Suite, and is now known by Google Workspace, over the years.

Google and searce have had a long-standing partnership, dating back to when google released its initial corporate products, including google maps APIs, enterprise search and google apps for business

Recently, the BigRewards - Air Asia team accelerated forecasting, budgeting, and increased agility with Connected Sheets and Google BigQuery. Searce, Google Workspace, and Google Cloud enabled AirAsia to democratize data to empower users across the business to create relevant reports for decision-making.

It was around a six months project, and Searce worked with Air Asia finance teams to execute it across two to three distinct geographies. Kirloskar Group switched to Workspace bang in the middle of the pandemic, with Searce managing the technical migration and organizational change management - all remotely.

Elucidating future plans Ankit adds, "To begin with, Zero Code platforms have grown highly popular, allowing regular employees and citizen developers to create more or fewer programs and services that assist a company manage it better. Google has released the Google AppSheets, which is essentially one of those extremely powerful no-code platforms.

The second product is that, as we've begun to learn, with the lockdowns imposed by pandemics, security and identity have become a major concern for every CIO and CISO. In this regard, Google just announced BeyondCorp Context-Aware Access, which we will be deploying for all firms."