Scybers: Envisioning Cyber Resilience & AI-Innovation for a Secure Tomorrow

Kugan Kulothungan ,Co-Founder & CEO

Kugan Kulothungan

Co-Founder & CEO

In an era dominated by technology, the pervasive influence of digital solutions in our daily lives highlights the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures. The relentless evolution of cyber threats into more sophisticated and targeted forms necessitates a proactive approach from organizations. Through the systematic identification and remediation of vulnerabilities, Organizations can not only effectively strengthen their defenses but also significantly reduce the likelihood and impact of security incidents and breaches.

This proactive approach cultivates a cybersecurity culture, a fundamental asset in an increasingly interconnected world. Scybers, fast growing global cybersecurity firm based out of India with entities in Sri Lanka, the US, and Singapore, was established with a keen understand¬ing of the unmet cybersecurity needs of global mid-size enterprises and has emerged to fill this important niche with tailored cybersecurity services.

Recognizing that many mid-size enterprises lacked tailored cybersecurity services, unlike their larger counterparts, Scybers set out to address this disparity. In response to this evolving landscape, the firm introduced its flag-ship service, CISO Office as a Service (COaaS). This unique offering stands out from typical virtual CISO services in the marketplace. CISO Office as a Service features a shared team of cybersecurity specialists, led by an experienced information security leader, designed to accelerate an organization's cybersecurity focus and enhance cyber and business resilience in a costeffective manner. It's a complete 'CISO office in a box' solution, adaptively staffed to meet the changing needs of an organization.
CISO Office as a Service has gained significant traction with global clients, as it addresses some of the real challenges faced by mid-size enterprises, such as the inability to at¬tract and retain cybersecurity talent and leaders, lack of return on cybersecurity investments, and the absence of a coherent strategy and plan to address cybersecurity risks. Consequently, clients view Scybers as strategic cybersecurity partners who are invested in their success rather than just service providers.

"In addition to COaaS, we also of¬fer a wide range of cyber security consulting and managed services including Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, Managed Detection and Response (24/7 SOC), Managed Cloud and Infrastructure Security Services, Security Validation Services (Penetration Testing, Red Team, and Vulnerability Management), Application Security, Cybersecurity Strategy Consulting, Data Protection, Security and Regulatory Compliance Assurance (e.g. ISO 27001, SOC2 and more), and Supplier Security Risk Management”, says Kugan, CEO of Scybers.

With an end-to-end suite of AI enabled cutting-edge services & strategic partnerships, Scybers is shaping a future of cybersecurity for mid-size enterprises to thrive securely in the digital frontier

Scybers is promoted by an accomplished leadership team comprising four visionary Co-Founders; Madu Ratnayake, President, former CIO of Virtusa as well as the former Chairman of SLASSCOM, a seasoned senior executive with extensive experience in digital transformation and cybersecurity, Kugan Kulothungan, CEO and an experienced CISO with wealth of glob¬al cybersecurity leadership in Banking and Finance and IT industries.

Gopalakrishnan Subramanian, Chief Delivery Officer and an experienced Data Protection Officer draws on his extensive knowledge of security and privacy in the banking and financial services industry and Deepak Chakravarthy, Chief Operating Officer, is an experienced expert in Governance, Risk and Compliance and Data Security. Further enriching this seasoned management team, Kris Canekeratne, recently appointed as Chairman. Kris was the Founder and former Chairman/CEO of Virtusa Corporation, Kris played a pivotal role in guiding the company from its inception to becoming a multibillion-dollar organization, culminating in its acquisition by Barings Private Equity in 2021.

Scybers has pioneered a leading-edge generative AI platform known as 'Security Compass' to enable mid-size enterprise CIOs/CTO and to assist their cybersecurity SMEs. Security Compass aims to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape, enabling mid-size enterprises to obtain timely advice and confidently manage cybersecurity risks and compliance. This approach facilitates business resilience by providing access to the same level of advanced security intelligence that global 2000 enterprises enjoy.