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  Vikas Kaul & Kulbir Singh,   Directors

Vikas Kaul, Director

Since the last decade, Indian healthcare industry has shown rapid progress; but recording development in quality healthcare is still a long walk. With the implementation of National Health Policy however, the government took a huge leap in promoting quality healthcare and invited opportunities for infrastructural development. As per the industry estimates, India is counted among top 20 global medical devices market and anticipated to grow to $50 billion by 2025. Certainly, the industry holds great potential and medical device manufacturers & service providersare immensely utilizing the opportunity for healthcare development in India.

Playing a leading role in this ever-growing market, SBM Healthcare has evolved as a trusted name for sales and services of medical imaging equipment, primarily CT scan and MRI (Medical Resonance Imaging) machines. Actively stationed in Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata since 2002, SBM holds expertise in procurement of refurbished and used medical imaging equipment from Siemens only. Post equipment sales, the company pledges to provide support services to systems for upto 10 years, making SBM outshine the competitive curve successfully.

Medical System with Technical Excellence
The brainchild of Vikas Kaul and Kulbir Singh (Director), SBM is authorized by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board), Government of India, and works promptly to provide services for all X-ray equipment. SBM offers two specialty products – CT scan and MRI machines, along with all their spare parts. Highly used in all multi-specialty hospitals and diagnostic centers, these machines provide prompt diagnosis and treatment to the patients. MRI equipment utilize magnetic waves
to generate images from the body and send them to the software, simplifying the diagnosis procedure.

With increased focus on prompt procurement and placement of CT scan machines, the company leaves no stone unturned in importing equipment from abroad for fulfilling medical imaging device requirements in Indian market. Be it northern region, eastern landscape or southern geographies, SBM delivers its services all across Indian geography without any fail.

"Customers are always looking for prompt service on minimum breakdown time and we always try to meet their requirement'

SBM’s unique proposition lies in its strong pillars of technical excellence that is well manifested by not only the ace team of technical engineers, but SBM’s pro directors as well, who are well trained on all Siemens machines. “We, the directors, are always in a backup where we can support our team and give them technical support. We even go sometime on site and do the work ourselves, if required,” exclaims Vikas. Besides boasting its directorial support advantage, SBM has engineers stationed permanently on all offices and warehouses who deliver service 24 hours round the clock, even if they receive break down call in the night.

A Partner of Trust
Elucidating on the challenges involved, Vikas explains, “Usually with these types of high-end equipments, the main issue what customers look at is receiving a good service”. Although purchase of these machines is quite simple, servicing the equipment in the long run becomes an iceberg, as it requires availability of spare parts and technical know-how. SBM’s complete team offers complete spare part backup for each and every machine at any given time. Vikas continues, “Customers are always looking for prompt service on minimum breakdown time and we always try to meet their requirement. We try to keep the breakdown time minimum and guarantee 95-96 percent uptime to each and every client”.

Depending upon the equipment’s manufacture date and customer’s requirement, SBM imports
machines from abroad or dwells-out quality machines from within India. However, imported machines are a preferred choice as the quality and maintenance ticks every box on the requirement chart (due to less usage of machines abroad when compared to used Indian machines). While each product is sold on a standard one year warranty, customers can avail the benefit of extended warranty of upto three years by paying nominal additional cost.

Innovation with International Prospects
SBM’s reputed portfolio with clients like Cosmos Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Sunrise Hospital and Sunshine Hospital, amongst others,exemplifies the company’s excellence in servicing. Further spanning this graph to higher echelon is SBM’s association with a Beijing-based company for distribution of MRI systems.

Standing tall since 16 years, SBM records nearly 400 installations across India and has plans in pipeline for opening trade office in Dubai for catering to African countries and other international requirements. Investing heavily on innovations, the company is in the process of channelizing its operations with ERP software. Along with management of spare parts, the software will help automate breakdown calls and assigning engineers, and it will come with an additional feature of allowing engineers to specify spare parts in software for further operation.

Key Management:
Vikas Kaul, Director
A Radiation Safety Officer certified by AERB, Vikas holds technical excellence on all Siemens equipment and stays ahead in actively addressing clientele quandaries with prompt assistance and service.

Kulbir Singh, Director
Kulbir is a Radiation Safety Officer authorized by AERB

Delhi, Hyderabad & Kolkata

CT Scan, CT Tube & MRI machines

Licensed by AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory BOARD), Government of India, and PNDT Registered