Sarvang Infotech India: A One-Stop-Solution Provider for all your SAP Needs

  Anand Goel,   Director

Anand Goel


From past few decades, SAP has been one of the extensively used ERP(enterprise resource planning) solutions, empowering companies across several industries to optimize critical business functions such as human capital management, supplier relationship management, accounting & financial enterprise performance management and many more. In contract, SAP is vital to businesses and serves as the cornerstone of IT infrastructure. But unfortunately, majority of companies relying on SAP are facing challenges in integration. Without proper integration between SAP and non-SAP applications, enterprises fail to fully automate and optimize their business processes.

Striving to solve current industry problems, Sarvang Infotech India Limited, a 15 years old ISO 9001:2008 certified SAP consulting company, provides interfacing service, wherein it integrates non SAP application (mobile application) to SAP solution. This integration not only optimizes & automates clients’ business processes, but also boosts their productivity while providing ease of using applications and mode of
doing business. “Today, integration of SAP and nonSAP application is required in every aspect of SAP, whether it is HR, MPQ or others. Being a mobile application development firm, we craft mobile app and integrate that application with SAP solution,” avers Anand Goel, Director, Sarvang Infotech India.

We being mobile application development firm craft mobile app and integrate that application with SAP solution

A Knowledge Expert

Being a one stop solution provider, Sarvang renders complete SAP consulting services, starting from initial SAP implementation to ongoing enhancements and SAP testing to regular SAP upgrades. Working on a global SAP delivery model, the company combines onsite and offshore, low cost technical professionals with high end expertise in SAP and allied technologies. With their vast SAP knowledge on distinct SAP products, Sarvang’s consultants employ tested & proven SAP development best practices to formulate and deliver customized solutions specific to clients’ discretion. Further more, they frequently perform quality checks to keep clients informed about their products and render efficient & faster way to upgrade their existing SAP solutions.
The company that is committed towards fulfilling clients’ needs of automation and operational improvement not just merges SAP standard tools & template via roll-out methodology, but also upholds a library of reusable to accelerate the entire SAP roll-out process. In fact, it has a distributed, onsite and offshore models of service delivery which ensure efficiency in the entire process. Armed with innovating SAP solutions, Sarvang helps clients in evolving their practices in areas of marketing, business operations, and technology. Today, the venture upholds 50+ business partners (growing at 150 percent pa) and 1000+ customers, including some big industry giants like NTPC, SBI, LANCO and many more. “We majorly deal into two fields in SAP. First, we render interfacing solution; and second, we provide end-to-end consulting services, including manpower outsourcing,” professes Anand.

Vision Ahead

Established in 2005, Sarvang went public in 2011 and today has presence across three countries, India (Chattisgarh & Uttarakhand), U.S. and Nigeria (Lagos & Abuja). The company looks ahead to boost its revenue 10x from 18 percent (last year) and start operations in U.S. and Malaysia soon. With such expanding vision, the company aims to formulate customized clientele products, reach out to a wider market internationally and become a leading IT company globally.