Sanvaru Technology: A Pioneer in Manufacturing Lithium-Ion Batteries

A K Shukla,Founder

A K Shukla


Generating electricity from renewable resources will supposedly quadruple by 2040 across the globe. During this era of the energy transition, stationary energy storage units hold a special position for flexible and quality power generation and to offset fluctuations in energy production ensuring a constant supply of electricity. India is also pacing up for clean energy by announcing ambitious targets such as 455 GW of renewable energy capacity addition by 2030, 30% EVs sales by 2030, and 50 GW of lithium-ion battery manufacturing in India by 2040.

Being a pioneer in designing customized Lithium-Ion batteries for stationary, decentralized & off-grid solar systems ranging from defense services, telecom, railways, and different ESS projects, Sanvaru Technology holds a significant position in the energy storage market. It has a 360-degree business model to maintain the whole value chain of a business with a circular economy aligned with SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). The company was founded by A K Shukla, who stands out to be the motivation for the growth of the company.

Sanvaru offers a unique service model with innovative products making the energy services affordable. It develops an exclusive EaaS (Energy-as-a-Service) model with Least TOT in hours. It has a model called Warranty in ONE as UNION with multiple warranties for different segments or variants of warranties for the same segment catering businesses with priority. The company believes in
offering customer satisfaction and acquiring rewards by selling different models with its USP of interacting, educating, comparing, and sharing experiences under the name (IECSP). Sanvaru has successfully developed a model for EaaS, PaaS, RaaS to satisfy the customers based on their needs and demands.

Also, it offers its services maintaining a healthy proportion of quality and price for a perfectly competitive market. It aims to offset diesel, lowering the cost with an optimized techno commercial model making ESS affordable and delivering energy services connected to the last mile for private households and companies. For the micro/island grid, it aims to offset the Diesel and carbon Abatement Programme of Sanvaru under the SDG and for energy supply companies it provides flexibility and quality of power bundling with ESS. It has won Energy Storage Company of the Year in 2020 at the Suryacom Pune Conference.

Sanvaru has successfully developed a model for EaaS, PaaS, RaaS to satisfy its customers based on their needs and demands

The market of Lithium-Ion batteries (LIB) is projected to grow at a CAGR of 35% with an increase from 2.9 GWh in 2018 to 132 GWh within a decade. Enhancement in renewable power generation capacity and the SOPs to the EV sector under the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 is setting up an aggressive growth with smooth projections even during the pandemic. The current share of LIB used in the EV sector is around 35%, while the telecom, power sector, localized storage applications, consumer electronics, data centers, and others are taking the rest. The battery share in the EV is expected to grow up to around 80% by 2030.

Sanvaru here offers a next-level business with innovations in EV, data centers, integration of renewable energy technologies for smart power generation and transmission, and Large Storage LIB Systems. With a belief to bring improvement in the whole ecosystem by adopting innovation, Sanvaru aims to earn a revenue of 100 plus crores by the next year with a two times growth. Carrying out a new-age technological approach by engaging HCM for investors, it achieves to develop into a carbon-neutral and equitable company by the year 2027 positioning itself in the top ten of the ESS and RET companies under all verticals of RE and EC.

Management: A K Shukla, Founder
Location: Haryana
Description: Manufactures Lithium-Ion Batteries for the energy storage market