Sanjyot Electricals: Facilitating Customers to Evade the Hustle & Bustle with One-Stop-Services

Sandeep Chandolkar,Manager
Sandeep Chandolkar

Be it commercial buildings or personal homes, power systems play a pivotal role in all endeavours. Any disruption in them may prove highly debilitating. Therefore, electric services need to be as much non-intrusive and as quick as possible. This objective can be only achieved by a supplier who offers all the services in-house and is armed with specialised equipments to offer customised services for smooth working, performance & productivity in the nick of time. Sanjyot Electricals is one such supplier. Whether it’s Reactive Power Management, Reduction in Electrical Energy, or Load Management, providing other electrical services to their regular Customers in surrounding area Sanjyot offers all the electrical services under one umbrella and enables customers to escape the hustle & bustle of this diverse market.

Customization at its Fullest
Backed by a dexterous team of technocrats and well production setup, Sanjyot manufactures a wide range of electrical panels and distribution boards in both standard & customized
specifications. Some of them include PCC (power control centre), PMCC (power motor control centre), MCC (motor control centre), HT (high tension) panel, process control panels–relay/PLC–SCADA, and welding/power receptacles (for construction sites).

"Backed by a dexterous team of technocrats and well production setup, Sanjyot manufactures a wide range of electrical panels and distribution boards in both standard & customized specifications"

Sanjyot offers customized solutions along with installation services and commissioning for control panels. “We listen to customer’s requirements and accordingly offer cost-effective solutions. Our product design solutions don’t alter end application,” says Sandeep Chandorkar, Manager, Sanjyot Electricals. The panels include APFC (Automatic power factor control Panel), VFD & Soft Starter Panels, and Microcontroller-based /PLC based Auto mains failure with auto load sharing/load management. These panels make the power switch to emergency standby generators in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout. Taking its services to chockfull, besides undertaking turnkey projects for MSMEs, Sanjyot also offers consulting in the electrical field for new projects, maintenance and various energy conservation techniques.

Unbeatable Quality
The ISO 9001-2015 UKAS accredited organization is also
going for CPRI & CE certifications. Ensuring flawless products, Sanjyot procures raw materials only from the trusted vendors. Moreover, the company tests products on various parameters like installation compatibility, wire crimping/soldering, ease of maintenance, noise levels, and reliability. All products offered at economical rate have a sturdy body with easy-to-use operational buttons and a long service life.

This end-to-end solution provider believes in delivering even the urgent deliveries for True urgencies. Sanjyot uses only high-quality materials for the packaging to ensure safety during transportation.

Conquering New Heights
Established in 2007, the company’s last year’s revenue was Rs.2crore of which 65% came from outsourcing business through companies like EMERSON, L&T, BHARAT BIJLEE & more. This year, Sanjyot is expecting to make that number to Rs.3.5 crore by reducing its outsourcing business to 30 percent with rest from outbound sales. To make this happen, the company is primarily focusing on APFC, VFD-Soft Starter, Energy Conservation Projects & AMF Panels, and is also diversifying into solar energy, telecommunication (AMF Control Panels), HVAC, and government construction projects. Sanjyot Electricals has partnered with A & A Business Consulting to foster organization structure, product review, develop product sales strategies, and leadership development in the company.