Sanatan Logistics: Customer Centric Logistics Service With Timely Delivery

Kushal Raj Singh,DirectorThe Indian transportation network is one of the largest in the world. From largest rail network to longest road routes, it is an open path for industries to receive their logistics in a hassle-free manner. However, the fact lies far from truth where the logistics services are plagued by technical issues and long delays. Ditching the archaic methods of conventional hire carrier services, Gurgaon based Sanatan Logistics Private Limited is a breed of different horse as it amalgamates industrial knowledge and technical tools & methodologies to bring in a fresh revolution in the industry. A growth-oriented bank approved National Carriers, the organization has a network of over 40 locations and warehouses in over 10 cities covering major industrial towns and major port cities of the country. Unlike others, Sanatan leverages its contemporary work approach and caters effortlessly to the tight-rope-walk industries like Pharmaceutical (an in-house specialization) and FMCG where timely, accurate and safe delivery ceases to be a mere option.

Customer Centric Logistics
Clients like HUL, Tata Group, Abbot Pharmaceuticals and many others
enjoy the benefit of Sanatan’s tailor made 3PL (Third Party Logistics),right from warehousing to logistics chain of services. The GPS enabled General Cargo or the Full Truck Load(FTL)service offers the mandatory infrastructure, experience and expertise of transportation for an array of materials like heavy metals ferro alloys, perishable petroleum products and telecom products. Partial Truck Load and Parcel & Cargo Services too are often deployed to help transportation of varying quantities and common delivery services. With a fleet strength of 45 heavy vehicles and 350 attached vendors, Sanatan ensures a smooth delivery for any span of project entrusted

The large storage space is regularly audited in terms of maintenance, sanitation, and pest control to ensure an all-round commitment in case of large volumes

It provides secure public warehousing services to customers of every size and storage need. Additionally, the large storage space is regularly audited in terms of maintenance, sanitation, and pest control to ensure an all-round commitment in case of large volumes. Moreover, depending on business volume, a designated customer relationship manager is assigned who handholds customer through the entire process for
a clear understanding and transparency of the company’s functionalities. “Our strong work force and managerial competence, including professionals for accounts, finance, economics, engineering and technology aids in our constant endeavor to provide Just in Time(JTT)services, minimum claims and reduce transportation cost for an optimized service,” adds Kushal Raj Singh,Director, Sanatan Logstics.

Being a part of the heavy industry, safety plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of IBA registered Sanatan, establishing a due adherence to the HSSE(Human Safety Security Environment)and Road Act 2007. Evidently, as a company focused on long-term customer relationships and service, it is no stranger to necessities of contractual flexibility and goes an extra mile to ensure ‘Fulfillment of Services with Technological Expertise to Foster the Best, Most Efficient Inventory Control Systems’. Company’s overall presence is boosted by the on line 24 hours connectivity with the head office for the updated information exchange and also working with its sister concern, Enuke Software to develop IT assistance and latest solutions to give it an edge over the peer industrial members. An external audit of the organization stands as a testament of its impressive growth where Sanatan has experienced a growth surge from Rs.1.53 crore to Rs.14.08 crore annually. “With a proper conceptualization and planning, we are sure to accomplish jobs in a manner to have effective cost saving to our valued customers along with a ‘win-win situation’ for all,” concludes Kushal.