Sakthi 's Kitchen: Proffering Coveted Expertise in the Niche Institutional Catering Services

G. Swaminathan,MDSustainability in the catering industry is nothing short of a battle. With majority of the industry under the reign of unorganised and unlicensed workforce, commitment to quality and economic pricing is hard to come by. Chennai-based Sakthi’s Kitchen challenges the conventions and goes beyond just catering. Adhering to its motto ‘We Care and Not Only Cater’, Sakthi’s has been serving delectable and quality food to top Indian institutions for more than a decade. “We are consulted by educational Institutions before taking food related decisions. Not all caterers have that privilege and that puts us on a unique platform of being more than a caterer,” states Swaminathan Gangadharan, Managing Director, Sakthi’s Kitchen. Unlike its contemporaries, Sakthi’s Kitchen invests in authentic regional preparation depending on the students’ taste pattern and proffers expertise in handling multi-cultural and multi-lingual students, while abiding to standard regulations.

The roots of this organization can be traced back to year 2000 when it was incepted as a B2C food
aggregating organization that conceptualized and served early morning lunch for young couples and nuclear families. Eventually, Sakthi’s Kitchen evolved as a corporate & events caterer, serving HCL, Infosys and other high end corporate and later forayed into the niche segment of institutional catering serving Institutes like the IITs, IIMs, NITs, IISc, IIITDMs, Anna University, Sastra University, Chettinad University, International Maritime Academy, BITS and many more. “The kind of institutions that we cater to require an entirely different skill set and manpower, uncommon in the contemporary restaurants and other outlets,” adds Swaminathan.

The kind of institutions that we cater to require an entirely different skill set and manpower, uncommon in the contemporary restaurants and other outlets

With experience close to almost two decades, it is highly adept in identifying the right resources for their catering and disregards the usage of artificial colours in food preparation. The cooks and chefs at Sakthi’s Kitchen lay special emphasis on a healthier palate with more greens & vegetables, cooked in minimal amount of oil and spices. In case the students don’t approve of the cuisine’s taste, the team views this as an opportunity to learn and welcomes their
feedback to modify it to suit their preferences. More over, the company takes up the responsibility of creating new food experiences during college fests. It conducts mela, a food extravaganza comprising of dosa mela, Chinese mela and many more that are organized as a special offering at no extra costs. With such genuine approach, Sakthi’s Kitchen connects the kitchen staff, service team and the students and becomes a part of the Institution.

A Conglomerate of Hospitality Sector
On many occasions, management has taken certain loss inducing decisions (purchasing overpriced vegetables due to seasonal unavailability), but its commitment to the client overrides that loss. Swaminathan proudly exclaims, “With our commitment and industrial know-how, we have an expansive customer base ranging from South to North and East to West”. Additionally, Sakthi’s Kitchen solicits advice on alternate fuels and electrification of kitchen equipment that are cost and energy efficient. On the social front, its presence is always felt amidst any calamity and helped provide supplies during the 2015 Chennai floods and 2016 cyclone. It also involves in environmental friendly activity like planting saplings. No wonder the company is gaining on goodwill and revenue as well that is expected to be above Rs.60 crores (FY 17-18). With many milestones yet to achieve, the company envisions itself as a conglomerate of the hospitality sector in years to come.