Sakshath Technologies : Harness the Power of Growth Through Cutting Edge Technology

Shravan Kumar,Founder & Managing Director

Shravan Kumar

Founder & Managing Director

The massive, fast-paced tendency of the information technology industry and the development of the information services sector have fundamentally changed the world economy, creating a new, more demanding consumer markets. To survive in this competitive market, the enterprises must be linked globally with a clear emphasis on digital transformation. Therefore, the new age IT leaders are shifting their focus from a conventional viewpoint to contemporary organizational frameworks and systems that have a positive impact on the new technological era. A strong enabler of this transformation is Sakshath Technologies ­a cutting-edge IT services provider with a team of highly experienced consultants focused on optimizing the performance of individuals and organizations. Based out of Bengaluru, Sakshath is dedicated to helping clients accomplish their business goals, on target, on time and within the budget. System monitoring, Performance tuning, Backup recovery and Cloud services are four primary IT services Sakshath offers its customers.

Enhancing Customers Business Process to Increase Productivity
It is quite exemplary the way Sakshath offers a complete spectrum Growth enabling solutions through every IT service that it takes including Strategic Staffing & Consultancy and befitting SYSPRO and EPICOR solutions. The company helps its clients to concentrate on their core business processes and fulfil their changing business objectives- a proposition built as early as 2012.Ever since its inception, the organization is committed to making its customers experience that the software used in their enterprise is a business decision that increases the maximization of the product investment. “Our two significant solution offerings, Epicor and SYSPRO, are developed in such a way that the decision will support the development and increase profitability,” asserts Shravan Kumar, Found & MD, Sakshath Technologies.

The credit goes to its experienced consultants who are subject matter experts and are well qualified to enhance the customer's business processes to boost productivity
and optimize profits. Sakshath's team has an average of 10 years of experience in the processes and has worked on projects of all sizes and scopes to handle new enhancements and rollouts. To effectively create and deliver outstanding products for customers, the skilled team of the company implements a simple process that makes it easy to work with. In other words, they ensure that Sakshath helps its clients to harness the power of growth through technical innovations that can produce exceptional results.

Krishnananda Hegde, Director, ERP Consulting

Over the years, Sakshath has idealized the way it will work and traced its commitment to mission statement, principles, and ideology. The company has built a firm focused on actions, decision-making and activities and how it can complement customers and project stakeholders.

Gouriprasad Velagada, Director, ERP Consulting

From planning to execution, the company has continued to push the limits of what is feasible and has made steady strides in the growth to various areas such as ERP planning and support. The company ensures that it significantly focuses on realizing the precise needs of the clients, before tirelessly delivering what the clients need at phase.

Two significant solution offerings, Epicor and SYSPRO, are developed in such a way that the decision will support the development and increase profitability

“We have shaped our company through a combination of research, strategic analysis, cultural and leadership evaluation, and professional advisory services,” says Shravan. Sakshath describes its success as the achievement of outstanding results that can have a lasting effect on business. In the coming years, the company plans to collaborate with more partners and to expand the journey with more implementations of SYSPRO and Epicor in organizations.