Saifi Con Fab System: Providing Optimum Solution for Material Handling Requirements

Khursheed Alam,Founder and Director

Khursheed Alam

Founder and Director

Every manufacturing plant or OEM needs companies that specialize in material handling equipments to support them. Proper material handling will ensure that the company's production is not affected. A recent study suggests that the Indian material handling equipment industry is expected to show a 40 percent increase in growth starting from 2018. The material handling equipment industry is growing at a rapid pace. Some of the other factors that act as a catalyst behind this growth are the increasing investment in infra-structural development and the increasing demand for automation. One of the most important segments in the material handling equipment space is the conveyor belt manufacturing industry. Almost all the various manufacturing firms use conveyor belts in their industries to create a smooth flow of production. There are many companies that are working in the material handling equipment industry, but it is important to choose a company that gives the best quality products to ensure better results. Saifi Con Fab System Pvt. Ltd is one such firm that holds more than two decades' of experience in the material handling equipment industry.

Established by Khursheed Alam, Saifi Con Fab System was set up with the objective of providing the customers with highly customizable tailor-made conveyor solutions engineered with utmost precision and with the best possible technology available. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of conveyor automation solutions to manufacturing businesses and system
integrators that includes belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyors, Over-head Conveyors, Vertical Conveyors and much more other material handling equipments. Saifi Con Fab System has a huge manufacturing facility that Spans over 7000 sqm which can manufacture 1000 meters of conveyors in a month. The company has cutting edge machineries like laser cutting ma-chines, press brake and profile bending machines that helps them to achieve consistency. Every manufacturing is done in-house which increases the time efficiency that helps the company to ensure uniform quality throughout their products.

The state of the art equipments and foolproof operations of Saifi Con Fab System has made them a flag bearer in the material handling equipment industry

The state of the art equipments and foolproof operations of Saifi Con Fab System has made them a flag bearer in the material handling equipment industry. "We provide end-to-end services to our clients starting from designing to manufacturing and finally installing. We have got a great set of designers and engineers who design and plan out the best possible layout for effective material handling according to customer's demands. When the designs get completed, we manufacture everything in our facility with absolute precision and quality. Once the manufacturing is completed, our site engineers helps in the installation of conveyors with utmost care and professionalism", says, Khursheed Alam, Founder and MD, Saifi Con Fab System.

The after-sale services and after-market support of Saifi Con Fab System, along with their 48-hour complaint response service anywhere across the country are some of the key factors that give the firm an edge above the rest. The company also conducts a maintenance check every three months to make sure that there are no glitches in the operations of the conveyors. This meticulous care and attention to the clients helped them to create an impressive clientele which includes top names like Hero Moto Corp, Godrej Group and Rockman Group to name a few.

Dedicated Employees and the united organizational structure is the core strength of Saifi Con Fab System. "My team has been working in the industry for over 22 years now. We have done over 9000 conveyor installations all over India and have more than 3000 clients. Our team excels in creating custom designs to match our customer's needs. In our company, all the departments work in harmony to provide the best possible solution for the customer", states, Khursheed. This sheer commitment in giving their best time after time resulted in Saifi Con Fab System growing at a rate of 20 percent year on year. The company is planning to over-clock their growth to 40 percent by working with system integrators and suppliers.