Safexbikes: The Online Motorcycle Superstore Committed to Give the Best of Everything Related to Two Wheelers

Harpreet Singh,DirectorWith an ever increasing high-end to low-end two wheeler models turning to markets, finding a legitimate spare part and accessories for each of them in a country like India where people have surface-level knowledge about bikes, becomes difficult. Even watch word seek like Google is insufficient as the customers don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct jargons, OEM part number or the correct bike model. With deep research and knowledge in this industry, and comprehending the plight of customers for years, Safexbikes Motorcycle Superstore has developed a simple search framework to offer the largest online & offline selection of motorcycle parts across the country. From spare parts, accessories, frill, support items, alteration parts, safety items, riding gears to apparel, one can easily get authentic, guaranteed items on Safex’s site.

Committed to give the best of everything related to two wheelers, this 2012 founded New Delhi-based organization gives an exhaustive research of over 300 models, covering the history of each model(like launch year and last production month and year),its version, minor and
major differences in the new & old models. Besides the alternate searching strategies like ‘Parts Catalogue’ based pursuit and Bike 'Model & Category' based search, the system additionally enables the user to upload their motorcycle’s photograph for correct model specifications. Customers can choose their bikes and the desired classification via coveted catchphrases like company's part number, part name and nearby mechanics jargon. “We provide simpler, easier & faster online and offline shopping experience as everything is built on research of the domain and customer feedback,” affirms Harpreet Singh, Director, Safexbikes.

Alongside expert live-chat and account for whole sale customers, Safexbikes records the items from brands and providers with top quality appraisals

With various payment alternatives, including the immediate store (direct deposit) or NEFT/RTGS exchange choices (for rural areas customers), PAN India ensured conveyance, and execution certification of the parts, Safexbikes guarantees the best quality genuine items to its valued customers that are sourced from OEMs. The clients can even request unlisted parts which are then sourced and recorded in 48 hours. Alongside expert live chat and account for wholesale customers, it records the items from brands and providers with top quality appraisals.
The Customizing Blueprint
Customization is yet another slanting pattern that young people go enthusiastic about. So to tap the tremendous request of customized execution parts from youngsters, it sources the most recent trendy parts from over the globe. Stewing a'Do It Your self' arrangement of articles and recordings covering different installation, up keep and customization errands,this auto portal venture has tied up with motorbike custom designers that offer the rebuilding units produced by them for Royal Enfield bikes. Incorporating several strategies and utilizing media genuinely to create brand awareness, the organization is building an application to track and improve the support of bikes, by recording the purchasing and administration/service history.

The Leap of Innovation
Over the long haul ahead, going for amazing substitute brands from over the globe to counter the poor accessibility of the veritable marked parts, and the premium that vehicle proprietors need to pay,the group focuses to make WhatsApp sort application to give a simple-to-utilize interface to inquire, share bike photographs, place orders, ask for returns, discounts and development. Acquiring latest and innovative parts and spares, the organization looks to battle in abroad goals with high populace of made in India bikes. Adding spares of electric bikes of well known makers,to the product offering, it hopes to explore the conceivable outcomes to tie up with top line bike brands with constrained presence in India, like Harley Davidson or Ducati,thus building a system and knowledge base dependent franchise network.