Roofsol Energy: Providing onsite solar power services and solutions in India

Danish Ahmed Qureshi,FounderIn recent times, the solar industry has witnessed exponential growth and is projected to grow further in future. India's large population, geographical location and government support are assisting it to become one of the most rapidly emerging solar energy markets in the world. It is expected that the industry will experience a growth of 25-30 percent CAGR this year. The increasing participation of private companies in this sector has also pushed this growth further for better.

Roofsol Energy has leveraged this growth and is currently working to establish a footprint in renewable energy sector. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company is managed by professional entrepreneurs providing consultation to deliver optimal, comprehensive solutions for financial coverage with combined advisory for technical and legal support. Roofsol Energy specialize in Engineering, Procurement and Installation of Solar Power Plant from KW to MW with assistance in operation and maintenance.

Roofsol Energy aims to be a renewable energy provider of choice to all Indians. "Our mission is to be the best Solar Projects Supply and Installation Company in India for Medium Scale industries, Establishments and
Residential systems," says Dipankar Pal, MD at Roofsol Energy. The company provides turnkey EPC services for grid-connected and off-grid captive solar power installations. Its services include, engineering, procurement and construction services along with financial coverage for OPEX Model with combined advisory for technical & legal support and rooftop sheet changing services.

The team at Roofsol Energy believe that feed-in tariffs incentivizing consumers to generate power through onsite solar installations and feeding the grid, is an imminent solution to the country's power sector woes viz. supply deficit and high T&D losses. Its customers range from a wide variety of verticals such as Chemicals, Textiles, Agriculture, Dairy Industry, Oil companies, Marbles & Acrylics Manufacturer, Tea Plantations, Wholesale & Retail mega stores, Electronic Components and Machinery Manufacturers, Educational institutes and residentials societies.

Also, understanding that safety at solar projects, inclusive of general power safety requirements, requires more than the mere knowledge of safety protocols, the company is in constant pursuit of creating safety as a culture and trains its employees and partners for the same. As the work is to be carried out on Elevated rooftops and high voltage equipments, utmost care is taken towards following safety procedures. Before starting the work the installation team at Roofsol goes through strict medical checkups of Work on Heights certification through approved medical institutions. Incident insurance is in place for all staff working at site "Onsite installation is done as per international codes and standards of safety" adds Dipankar.

Since its inception, the company has built itself a credible reputation of reliability and integrity by providing its clients timely and transparent information that is augment-ed by impartial advice and value-add service. Appreciating the services and solutions offered by Roofsol Energy, one of its customers from Ludhiana said, "Roofsol has changed the sheets of our entire plant in Ludhiana from existing Cement sheets to Metal sheets in record time. The disposal of the cement sheets was also done very responsively and in an environment friendly way.

Every assignment comes with diverse needs and challenges to which the team at Roofsol Energy provides a com-prehensive solution with advanced technologies and reliable engineering. "We continuously strive to maintain excellence in design installation and superior customer service. That is why our clients keep coming back to us ­ they trust us to do the right thing for them." concludes Mr. Pal.