Rohan Consultancy: Offering Total Knowledge Solutions To Deliver Business Growth

 Ajay Mehrotra,   FounderThis era is all about `big data' and databases that can tap these extensive amounts of data from the industry are significantly important. Effective utilisation of this data can mean great things for a business. Interpreting available data correctly to turn them into meaningful insights can enable businesses to make informed decisions which ultimately leads to competitive edge, growth and success. Efficiently tuned and deployed database designs have a major stake in ensuring that the database environment is functioning at optimal levels.

Multiple Solution Provider
Seizing the importance of databases and leveraging the utility of data is Rohan Consultancy, a company with a mission of satisfying information centres with their information needs and getting users to use their Information Resources effectively. Incorporated as a proprietary Firm in 2007 at Bengaluru, Rohan Consultancy is now more than 15 years old with 25+ years of experience in the publishing industry. Having previously worked with companies like Thomson Scientific and Wiley in India, Founder Ajay Mehrotra incorporated Rohan Consultancy with the mission of 'Getting to make users use the database effectively'. According to him, "We started out with conducting Training Programs on how to use databases effectively.

Being a certified trainer from a leading Publisher, I conducted many programs on
how to use Databases effectively. The direct results of these Training Program were that the usage of the pattern of the customers went up. During the course of our first year, we also got a lot of demands from our customers to accept the orders for databases. We had a tie up with leading Publisher to market their IP and other databases in the corporate market segment in India. These sales were followed by the Training Programs to ensure that customers have good usage thus making it easy for them to justify renewals/uplifts. Over the years, we have represented various Publishers to work with in the corporate sector. We are servicing large multinational firms in the corporate space of India".

We act as partners with our clients and not just as a solution provider. Over time we have built that reputation of being a trusted partner, a company they can rely on for high quality, innovative product offerings

Reliability & Thoughtful Services
Rohan Consultancy has the aim to serve clients in customer support, training, intellectual assets management and more. While other players in the field often impose their products on the clients, Rohan Consultancy is focused on the customised approach as it believes that selling a product is not the end game. The company is built around the idea of improving businesses by understanding their unique asks and requirements and is intended on developing a rich relationship with clients based on trust and ethos.

As a part of its process, Rohan Consultancy works with varied publishers across the globe to provide technical literature to its clients. Further it also educates its users on compliance, and provides them with copyright cleared materials for research and development purposes. Along with all these, it also offers Document Management systems to help them transition into a paperless format of working. Many businesses have adopted its solutions to initiate a hassle-free and efficient process. Currently, Rohan Consultancy works with Publishers such as IEEE, Copyright Clearance Centre (CCC) and on an exclusive basis to market their products in India.

Rohan Consultancy attributes its growth to Reliability and Service. Ajay Mehrotra further adds, " We act as partners with our clients and not just as a solution provider. Over time we have built that reputation of being a trusted partner a company they can rely on for high quality, innovative product offerings. We will continue to be on that path of delivering our very best".