RocketFlyer: Developing Location, Movement, and Audit Aware Platform for Car Rentals

Brahma Chauhan                         ,FounderWith the growth of tourism sector as well as the expansion of urbanization, the car rental industry has also met considerable perks in its business. However, the changing consumer behaviour and preferences have been chiefly driving the technology trends in the car rental industry. RocketFlyer, based out of Gurugram, exercise its operations in the development of software for car rental companies.

Many car rental software providers have been capitalizing on the trend of allocating different methods of systematic booking techniques and service requirements. RocketFlyer supplies a SaaS product RocketFleet, where car rental operations can be directly managed through an admin panel. The platform helps in the end-to-end journey of booking through the platform, and manages the entire inventory. The platform is coupled with channels like customer app, driver app, website, and dedicated m-site. The driver app ships with tracking capabilities that encompasses location, movement, and audit aware features. Through the RocketFleet platform driver's real time location can be tracked through the app. By creating a virtual geofence around the user, customer gets a notification once the driver arrives at the designated location.
RocketFleet is crafted for driver behaviour monitoring through which the app identifies harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, sharp turns, over-stopping and over speeding through app based tracking. Driver Behaviour Monitoring is done and synched with backend in order to rate a particular trip the driver has fulfilled. "RocketFleet platform is crafted for real time location tracking, sophisticated algorithms are developed for Driver Behavior Monitoring", explains Brahma Chauhan, Founder, RocketFlyer. Being Audit aware, the intelligent application sends notification when the employees or field force intentionally switch off their phones, intentionally switches off the mobile data or switches on the Airplane mode thereby generating efficiency for the fleet operators.

RocketFleet platform ships with a customer app, through which the end customers of the car rental company can make a booking for different pricing types

RocketFleet platform ships with a customer app, through which the end customers of the car rental company can make a booking for different pricing types. Also the platform comes with rich analytics in order to keep a track on the revenue earned by individual drivers, maximum benefits yield by the supplier, and the numbers of bookings are live and delayed. Be it the traditional chauffeur driven or self-drive car rental, or even the employee transport management, it can be managed through the RocketFleet platform. Mostly, SMEs in the car rental operations confront issues related to budget constraint and technological expertise.RocketFlyer’s platform empowers small and medium car rental companies to focus on their business operations while the company handles their technology fronts. RocketFlyer is working with companies operating in chauffeur driven, self drive car rental and companies managing employee transportation.

RocketFlyer has delivered multiple implementations to manage multi city operations for various car rental companies. The company is currently working on giving simple solutions to complex mathematical problems like generating routes and managing rosters for the drivers in the employee transport management business. RocketFlyer is experiencing an exponential revenue growth of tenfold YOY.