RN Cabs: Promising Affordable & Safe Transport Services under One Roof

Ganesh Kale,  Director

Ganesh Kale


The anticipated size of the Corporate Employee Transportation Service Market is $36.21 billion in 2023, and it is projected to increase to $46.97 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.34 percent during the forecast period(2023-2028), as per a report by Mordor Intelligence. The primary factors contributing to the expansion are the integration of technology, the implementation of flexible work arrangements, cost savings through outsourcing, and an increasing emphasis on employee well-being, among others. With the expansion of this industry, numerous new companies have arisen, offering highly promising services. RN Cabs, set up in early 2005, is a prominent company in this domain. Known for providing excellent value for money, RN Cabs has been a popular name, offering a diverse selection of high-performance cars on rent.

Customers in the sector face a multitude of challenges including a lack of professionalism, customer comfort,honesty & integrity and credibility. “We strictly adhere to the professional standards that we have promised to uphold. Our proficient management team works diligently to prevent any potential challenges and ensure customer happiness. We endeavour to deliver high-quality service to consumers, assisting them in maintaining their work routines by ensuring punctual commuting, especially in unusual conditions. We steadfastly adhere to our principles and beliefs. RN Cabs excels in providing reliable service with a strong
management structure that utilizes advanced technologies, resulting in improved operational efficiency”, says Ganesh Kale, Director.

RN Cabs is renowned for customising its services and procedures to align with the specific requirements of its clients. It provides a diverse array of services. “We offer different type of services which includes Employee Transport Services, rent-a-car services, Long-term rentals/operating lease and Corporate fleet management. We offer a comprehensive service package, sometimes known as a ‘one-stop solution’, for employee transportation services. We can offer fleet assistance, secondary technology/software assistance, and escort services on a per-trip basis for female employees working during unconventional hours. Our second unique selling proposition (USP) is our proficiency in offering services based on the full-time equivalent (FTE) billing module, which enables corporations to minimize expenses on employee transportation services”, speaks Ganesh Kale.

RN Cabs is renowned for customising its services & procedures to align with the specific requirements of its clients by providing a diverse array of services

The company was established during the onset of globalization and the corporate era, to offer high quality transport services to corporate commuters. The firm has since gained a reputation as a reliable provider of car rental services in India because of its skilled and knowledgeable chauffeurs, as well as its fleet of well maintained, high-performance, and comfortable automobiles. This has positioned the company as a trusted option among the ‘Value for Money Car Rental Companies’ in India. The company now operates with about 500 automobiles on the road. It is affiliated with esteemed companies such as Accenture, Kotak, Tata Power, ITC, and others.

Future Roadmap
The company has demonstrated consistent and incremental expansion since its establishment. RN Cabs’ objective is to establish itself as the foremost brand in vehicle rental across all categories and to have the most extensive branch network in India. The organization is broadening its foundation by upholding its fundamental principles, such as prioritizing customer pleasure, practising ethical business conduct, demonstrating respect towards its personnel, and continuously striving for service enhancement. The company's objective is to always provide exceptional car rental services at competitive prices and offer unmatched services, and RN Cabs strives to keep up with this.