Risha Electric: Standing Tall On Foundation of Experience & Expertise in Solar EPC Services

Aashish Sanghi,Managing Director & CEO

Aashish Sanghi

Managing Director & CEO

A country with 300+ sunny days in a year, India has a favorable geographic location for generating solar power, and one can never deny the fact that India holds the 5th position (as of 2020) being one of the prominent countries with huge solar power capacity. India enhanced its solar power capacity massively from 5,593.484 MW in 2015 to 39,211.158 MW in 2020, making a five-rank leap from its 10th position five years ago. The country has a target to reach 300 GW or more by 2030.

This figure doesn't just highlight the industry's potential but signifies that the industry is going to evolve drastically in the coming years. Contributing its best to the industry, Risha Electric a Hyderabad-based Solar EPC Service provider is bringing the benefits of solar technology to its customers by providing the best solar power solutions available in the market.

A Loyal Environmentalist
`Making the world efficiently self-sufficient' being its prime motto, Risha Electric has always strived to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across India. "Our endeavor is to solve the challenges associated with power production in India, not just by providing renewable and silent solutions but also by making it highly economical to the consumers," states Aashish Sanghi, Managing Director & CEO, Risha Electric.

As a dedicated end-to-end solar EPC solution provider, the company strides forward in the
EPC realm of India and offers everything that a customer needs to power their home by integrating & implementing clean solar energy. The array of solutions offered by Risha Electric mainly focuses on manufacturing & production of solar panels (both Mono Perc and Poly Perc), providing solar rooftop solutions for all kind of industrial and domestic use, offering solar BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) model for clients, and much more in the portfolio.

However, the segment at which the firm excels is its Off-Grid solar solutions. This self-sustainable system (powered by Lithiumion/led acid batteries) offers the client the liberty to avoid power outages, reduce electricity costs, elude investment in generators and aids to save money while helping Mother Nature.

"It's also a vision of ours to promote Smart-Grid and Microgrid technology for easier integration and higher penetration of renewable energy. Our new all-in-one solar street lights, along with the Smart On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid solar systems help in setting up the perfect mini-grid solutions for villages, small towns, upcoming gated communities and more," asserts Aashish.

The company takes pride in its track record of installing & commissioning more than 1 MW of solar projects across India, since its inception (August 2020). Its great work has helped it to bag around 4-5 MW of projects in the pipeline.

Our endeavor is to solve the challenges associated with power production in India, not just by providing renewable and silent solutions but also by making it highly economical to the consumers

Mapping the Road Ahead
The highly skilled and devoted EPC Team at Risha Electric ensures the completion of each solar project from concept to commissioning including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifecycle of the project. No wonder, it's Risha Electric's expertise in installing high-quality solar power systems along with its uncompromising quality and commitment that has led the organization to attain the title of one of the top reliable EPC Companies in India.

"In the coming future, we are adding a line to manufacture All-in-One street lights with an inbuilt lithium-ion battery and solar panels which can replace the traditional street lights. These will run from sunset to sunrise giving a bright light always. We are also partnering with other Solar EPC players to have a wider network, which can help us reduce the cost of installations all across India" concludes Aashish.