Right Door: Exploring New Opportunities to Improve Door Designing & Development

Vikas Jain ,FounderEntrance automation solutions are now widely viewed as luxury products that are used exclusively in high-end offices and five-star hotels. Many companies operating in the industry have yet to penetrate the common household market. One company that aspires to bring entrance automation solutions to not just big organizations but also to the common citizens is Right Door. Starting its operations in 2016, Right Door is the brainchild of industry veteran Vikas Jain. Through its offerings, the company aims to help its customers feel more secure and enjoy the new features that the products offered by Right Door provide. Over the years, the company has also been able to create an impressive product portfolio which includes HMPS Doors, Glass Doors and Partitions, Rolling Shutters, Wooden Doors, and Acoustic Doors among many others. Driven by its passion for excellence and constant innovation, Right Door has also been able to develop into one of the preferred names in the industry and create a niche for itself.

Striving for excellence
Since its inception, Right Door has built its reputation as a credible manufacturer, and trader of different types of doors. In a market inundated with door options, Right Door emerges as a pioneering force, addressing a critical gap in the industry. Unlike competitors pushing one-size fits- all solutions, Right Door understands the unique needs of customers. The firm stands as the inaugural company providing not just a plethora of door options, ranging from simple wooden flush doors to intricate custom automation solutions, but also expert consultation. Recognizing the absence of a source guiding customers toward the most suitable door for specific applications, Right Door fills this void comprehensively. By bringing together a diverse range of products and offering unparalleled expertise, Right Door ensures that every entryway is not just a passage but a tailored, functional statement.

Right Door’s client-centric operations have also allowed it to expand its horizons and reach greater heights in the market. Vikas has over a decade of experience in the construction materials industry and has worked for a number of leading organizations in the market. During this time, he realized that, compared to many other product segments, the door vertical was very unorganized and it was hindering its growth potential. The incorporation of technology
and innovation was also lacking in the space. As Indian infrastructure rapidly developed and as the number of modern-day buildings and high rises increased, Vikas decided to go back to the drawing board and through a technology-driven approach bring new and innovative changes into the doors vertical.

Efficient Manufacturing Arm
The company has its own manufacturing arm known as Andro Industries which started its operations in 2021 which helps it to bring more innovation into its products.Andro Industries, with a keen understanding of materials, recognized PCGI as the epitome of versatility and high performance in door construction. Consolidating a comprehensive range of doors under one roof, Andro Industries set forth on a transformative mission to introduce top-notch, high-performance doors to India. Evolving beyond mere product aggregation, the company now pioneers the inception of doors, encompassing not just the physical aspects but also delving into the realms of automation and innovative materials. From conceptualization to realization, Andro Industries crafts doors that embody the essence of modern urban living, seamlessly integrating mechanical, automation, wood, and cutting-edge materials. The result is a collection that not only defines functionality but also sets new benchmarks in contemporary door design and performance.

When asked more about the company, Vikas says, “When it comes to door automation, we can make modifications and custom automation to the doors, leveraging both our in-house and outside technologies. Over the years, we have completed many reputed projects for some of the most prestigious companies in the country. Even with such an impressive track record of successful projects, we never rest on our laurels and we are constantly coming up with innovative doors that are more useful to our clients”.

Evolving with the changing times, Right Door aspires to continue its quest for constant innovation & expand its horizons even more

Scaling Greater Heights
Employees of an organization play a crucial role in determining its growth and over the years, Right Door has been able to assemble a team of experts who aspire for consistent growth. The employees have played a decisive role in the sustained growth of the company. They are not only equipped with the necessary skills and experience needed to cater to the individual requirements of the customer but they are also motivated to go the extra mile to ensure that the clients are satisfied. At Right Door, the employees are also passionate about learning and innovating constantly so that they can stay ahead of the curve and introduce better products into the market.

Customer engagement is another area Right Door prioritizes and when asked about it, Vikas states, “Most customers who approach us will have an architect or designer with them who will have a clear idea of the customer's requirements. We discuss with these architects and designers to choose the right product for the customer.

After understanding their exact requirements, we will submit our proposals and drawings, explain the functionality, dos, and don’ts, and once the customer is okay with it, we will start developing it, install it, and if there are any maintenance issues, we will take care of it promptly”. Evolving with the changing times, Right Door aspires to continue its quest for constant innovation and expand its horizons even more. The company also aims to cement its position as a onestop solution provider in the entrance automation solutions industry. Right Door aspires to focus more on technologies especially electronics in the coming years and be a trailblazer in the market.