Reviving Dreams: Impacting Story telling World through Filmmaking

T R Krishna Kanth, Co-Founder and CEO

T R Krishna Kanth

Co-Founder and CEO

Creativity in a production house is a cluster of organized thoughts of different mindsets that bring more transparency to society about its realism via Persons, stories or animated characters. Most of the time, these equivalent creative minds work to uphold corporate culture using explainer videos, advertisements or documentaries. Playing a key role in the corporate video production by making a company’s profile video to showcase its efficient timely services is Reviving Dreams, a Hyderabad-based video production house. Under its founders, Mr.T. R. Krishnakanth, CEO and Mr. H. Abhinav, COO; Reviving Dreams is producing engaging videos to communicate a company’s core beliefs and its overall mission in a video story telling manner.

Intervening the Storytelling Market
“The primary motive is to give the audience an impression that they have availed the services or they have already used the products even if they never bought it. Our video profile sets a company way above its competitors as we imbibe professionalism and integrity in our work,” says Mr.T.R. Krishnakanth, CEO and Co-Founder, Reviving Dreams. Mr. Abhinav, COO and Co-Founder, Reviving Dreams, adds, “We graduated from the same college and used to work in an advertising firm, but the passion for storytelling has brought us this far in the business after incepting Reviving Dreams in 2016.”

There are lots of happenings in the Indian industrial sector as many foreign MNCs like Apple, Google, and others have already initiated their company in India. Amidst of this rapid industrial development, Reviving Dreams is making its presence felt in the market as they are creating marketing videos and corporate films according to different Brand cultures and Customer Segments.
Using this strategic approach and latest Sony and Canon cameras and drones, Reviving Dreams is making corporate videos for renowned names like Wipro, Pernod Ricard and Oakridge International School. Reviving Dreams also create 2D & 3D explainer Videos which helps startups to penetrate their innovative ideas into the Target market. The team is especially working in the tier-1 cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai with nearly 63 freelancers and 8-10 inhouse professionals with diversified expertise in Cinematography, Editing, Business Development, content strategy in its team. Explaining their work role, Mr.Abhinav says, “I’ve specialization in VFX and animation, so I’m in charge of the overall operations, whereas Mr. Krishnakanth mainly takes control of client management and creative management.”

Reviving Dreams is making its presence felt by creating marketing videos and corporate films according to different Brand cultures and Customer Segments

Maintaining High Standard Services
Without compromising on production quality, Reviving Dreams offer cost effective, and accessible services to all its clientele. They are on the verge of making the quality much better and videos more engaging using augmented reality and virtual reality. Already, the production house has more than three famous MNCs waiting in their client list, which surely says how the production house completes their work with finesse. They are now to break into India’s top 5 best video production houses with at least 10 MNCs as their regular clients. “I think our dynamic research before making videos and giving every client the comfort to stay within their budget and let us do the actual work for them has paved our way,” says Mr.T.R. Krishnakant.

H.Abhinav, Co-Founder & COO
Sharing one of the success stories, Mr. Abhinav says, “Wipro one of our elite clients said that they needed a Promotion film to telecast in their upcoming event. We received the request just a day before the actual shoot, but we got on-board immediately and started to shoot. We understood their requirement on the spot and made the film accordingly. It was tough, but at the end of the day, the whole team was happy with the client’s satisfaction and enjoyed a lot.” As one co-founder describes this power play video production, another co-founder says, “Video is also an essential component of the marketing stack, so it is Reviving Dreams primary motivation to produce efficient and winning videos for the business of every domain.”