Rent A Computer: Offering IT Asset Rental Solutions & Services With Utmost Quality

Sanjay Dixit,Director

Whether startups or well established firms, IT infrastructure is an integral part of their functioning. But rather than investing on purchasing them, the trend is moving towards renting IT infrastructure that will save them huge chunk of money, while assuring the latest equipment when needed. Catering organizations with such renting services is Rent A Computer, a Lucknow-based IT Infra rental company. Started its operations in 1990 with the name ‘Sandix System (P) LTD’, the firm later rechristened to Rent A Computer for better brand positioning and precise service offering.

From offering wide range of products like computers, laptops, servers, high speed scanners, LCD projectors, UPS and many more, Rent A Computer meets the distinct needs of its clients in addition to excellent customer services. Beside these, the company also provides equipment for seminars, computer training centers, trade shows, call centers, conventions and BPOs.

Committed to Customer Relationship & Satisfaction
Considering client’s requirements with top precision, Rent A Computer offers the most appropriate products to the customers after due diligence. Its assortment of latest products available in the market reinforces the firm’s comprehensive rental solutions. Some of the technically dominant & cutting-edge products available in the company’s stockpile are of the leading brands like laptops by Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Dell, to name a few. And in terms of desktop offerings, the company serves through its in-house production.

"Considering client’s requirements with top precision, Rent A Computer offers the most appropriate products to the customers after due diligence"

With the flexibility of rental plans that are suitable to all kind of business requirements, Rent A Computer stands apart from its fellow competitors in the industry. In its short-term rental plans, customers are offered with rental tenure from few months, weeks to even for few days, whereas in long-term rental plans, the time span can vary from one year to multiple years as well. The huge number of assets with over 2000 units of laptops, desktops & servers enable the firm to serve customers in multiple locations such as Kanpur, Varanasi, Allahabad, Dehradun, and many more, without any delay. In case of any specific client requirement, it provides the same, provided the rental agreement is for long duration.To mitigate the risk factorof misuse ormishandling
of its products, the firm undertakes copy address proof or Aadhar Card or letter /email from its individual customer, private companies or corporate/government organizations, respectively.

With having eons of involvement in IT rental business and through dealing with various leading corporate/business organizations, Rent A Computer has achieved mastery in its prompt service support and timely delivery of the products. Following its core values centered on Customer Relationship and Customer Satisfaction, the company tends to grow day-by-day based on its customer’s feedback and ensures to provide best & next level of solutions.

With such flexible and dedicated services, Rent A Computer has bagged major clients from across the industry, comprising of ICICI Bank, Airtel, State Bank of India, Nokia, Tata Motors, and several others. “We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified IT organization with 20 years of rich experience and with strong business ethics, we are now considered as No. 1 Computer Rental Company in entire north India,” says Sanjay Dixit, Director, Rent A Computer. Already crossed a turnover of Rs.45 lakh in the FY 2018-19, Rent A Computer envisages achieving up scaling to Rs.65 lakh by the end of 2019 and set up a benchmark for IT Infra rentals industry with strong holds in Indian market.