Rekard: Providing End-to-End Integrated Solutions for Streaming Live Events

SkandaSA & Muralidharan MS,DirectorsIn today’s crowded media landscape, webcasting is leveraged by enterprises to expand their reach and impact of key events, meetings and messages, while staying connected to their audiences remotely. However, despite massive advancements over the past two decades, there are specific hurdles such as cost, segmented nature of work, equipment rentals, manpower, live production, streaming, internet connectivity and digital marketing that the industry continues to face while delivering their events online to intended audiences live.

Bangalore-based Rekard handles all elements of live events by providing end-to-end solutions (case-to-case basis) and integrates with every associated players to offer cost effective solutions. The company was born in 2015 with a vision to act as a technology bridge between great events and audiences worldwide, and provide a platform for individuals & organizations to exploit mass medium and create memorable online experiences. “We are passionate about helping events reach customers and this helps us to gain various repeated clients,” avers Muralidharan MS, Director, Rekard. The company has a very strong presence in the digital space and successfully added close to
150 prestigious clients to its list, including PwC,IIT Bombay, IISc (Bangalore), VISA, Shankar Mahadevan Academy and many more.

Rekard invests enormous time and effort to procure the best in class bonding & wireless technologies from world players, thereby making the streams very reliable and successful

An Array of Services
Rekard invests enormous time and effort to procure the best in class bonding & wireless technologies from world players, thereby making the streams very reliable and successful. With its in-house video grapher’s team, the firm covers and produces single camera and multi-camera events on a daily basis, facilitates viewers of different geography in watching videos of the already completed event at different time zones, while its geoblocking helps producers to retain physical audiences at the venue by blocking live video in geographic locations based on pin code, city, state and country. Rekard also supports multi-casting on multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

Considering viewership analytics as the vital component for success of any streaming, Rekard goes overboard to provide maximum analytics reports including total & unique views, maximum concurrent viewers, total minutes viewed,average view duration, devices, live versus recorded,
posts, view destination, location and much more. Rekard’s another platform helps producers generate revenue online by streaming ticketed events to paid viewers. “Our experience over the years in successfully streaming from extremely remote locations in India is definitely a highlight. Post event analytics on the reach & effectiveness of the effort to access ROI is also a key service of ours,” says Skanda SA, one of the Founder Directors. Besides, it aids alter user touch points & experiences for events with custom web pages, mobile apps, posts, live chat and dedicated event support over phone and email, and helps clients create small teasers and archives entire events online for easy access in future. Rekard even helps create permanent one-click streaming solutions for clients who have an ongoing requirement.

The Driving Force
Since inception, Rekard has focused on data security and stores all business data on professionally maintained servers with redundant backups. The company complies with IP rights and ensures all the producers/clients understand their duties towards protecting the interests of the people & stakeholders involved in an event.

Currently, the company is working on a digital product in the event technology space, and ideating its feasibility and ramifications, and trying to incorporate machine learning products in the editing workflow to boost its productivity.“Our focus at this juncture is to create value and be recognized as a valuable service that clients can’t ignore. We will be looking at getting passionate investors on board in the coming months to help achieve this objective,” concludes Muralidharan.