Refex Energy: Leveraging Knowledge, Experience & Engineering Capacity to Build the FinestSolar Power Projects in India

Mr Arun Mehta,Director and CEO

Mr Arun Mehta

Director and CEO

Electricity generation is the second leading cause of industrial air pollution in almost every country in the world. Most of our electricity comes from coal, nuclear, and other non-renewable power plants. Producing energy from these resources takes a severe toll on our environment, polluting our air, land, and water. Hence more and more nations are now shifting to clean, efficient & feasible alternative energy source, considering it as a key step to-wards reducing the impact on climate change while creating a sustainable energy future at the same time.

This is a major reason why the generation of solar power in India has tremendously increased in the last few years. Owing to the government's favourable initiatives and innovative manufacturing technology, the solar EPC industry is witnessing continuous growth.

According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, India had a total installed capacity of more than 40 GW of solar PV (as of end March' 2021). Solar projects of 49.7 GW capacities are at various stages of implementation. In addition, solar projects of 25.91 GW capacities are at various stages of the bidding. India aims to achieve installation of 100 GW Solar energy project by end of year 2022, as per targets set. In the coming future, the Indian government is planning to expand its solar plans, targeting 300 GW of solar capacity by year 2030.

Cutting edge giga-scale solar installation would be accomplished on three main pillars - i) disruptive PV chemistries, ii) advance manufacturing facilities and iii) innovative BOMs To reap the benefits of this prospering industry, Solar EPC service providers are introducing value-added services and offering their best solutions to the clients.

Established in Mumbai in 2008, Refex Energy is reckoned for its proficiency in offering top-class solar solutions and unmatched end-to-end services that includes apart from core
strength of providing EPC services and O&M of Solar PV power plants, Company offers services for Land procurement, Project Development, Transmission network, Road network and much more to the clients. However, the segment at which the firm excels is delivering turnkey EPC solar energy solutions. Leveraging its expertise in Solar EPC, Refex Energy ensure that the clients experience seamless operations valid through- out the project starting from the concept to commissioning for solar PV plants.

The firm's service portfolio also includes operation and maintenance (O&M) and technical audits of the solar power plants throughout the project duration. Extremely quick project completion times and industry high generation levels are reflective of the high-quality benchmarks set by Refex Energy in India's solar PV space. "We never compromise on the quality of equipment or suppliers required for installation of the project. Our first priority is to make the entire project structured, coherent and flawless for our customers. Once a client hires us, they can rest assured of the best work, that will be delivered," states Arun Mehta, CEO & Director, Refex Energy.

We never compromise on the quality of equipment or suppliers required for installation of the project. Our first priority is to make the entire project structured, coherent and flawless for our customers

Superlative Workforce
The Refex Energy team possesses highly trained & skilled engineers with more than 10 years of experience in business development, land procurement and transfer to the clients, project management, project engineering, construction at the site, procurement, Human Resources, O&M, and more. Unlike its contemporaries, Refex Energy strives hard to keep its promises and delivers the project within the timeframe, following a fixed time module, which is also the forte of the company. Staying updated with the industry trends is a prime factor that has helped the Refex Energy team to perform and outshine in the industry.

"The process of trying new things, learning new procedures and technology is not just beneficial for an organization or business; it also gives a chance to an individual to develop new skills while attaining personal growth. Thus the team at Refex Energy is always encouraged to attend training programs, virtual business conferences, seminars and more to keep themselves updated," asserts Arun.

The company has registered impressive growth throughout during last decade and recorded growth of 1132% of commissioned projects in last 5 years. Today, the company has portfolio of over1200 MWp 530 MWp of commissioned projects, comprising solar projects of various sizes, starting from 80 KWp Roof Top Solar (RTS) plant for a leading industrial group, in private sector, to maximum order size of 230 MWp ground mounted grid connected Solar PV plant for a reputed CPSU. The Company is currently executing RTS/Small size Solar projects in Kerala, Tamilnadu, New Delhi, Maharashtra and Madhy Pradesh and a number big size ground mounted Solar projects in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, for leading public sector enterprises, The total capacity of the projects under execution is over 676 MWp, in addition to the commissioned projects.